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  1. J

    Kid Icarus: Uprising Discussion

    "Sorry to keep you waiting!" These words seemed to say it all about Kid Icarus: Uprising and with the new Kid Icarus game being released sometime this year, I think it's time to discuss some aspects of the games that we think are cool. One thing I like is the introduction of new weapons...
  2. J

    Confused about Ocarina of Time

    Now, like everyone else who has played many of the games, I am a fan of Ocarina of Time. It had brilliant landscapes, killer monster designs and a well thought out story. However, the one thing that confuses me the most WAS the story, in particular the part about the Spiritual Stones. Ok, so...
  3. J

    Dual-types you want to see

    Here, you can talk about what sort of new dual-type pokemon you would like to see. Go for it!
  4. J

    Zelda games...and technology?

    It all started after I begun playing Spirit Tracks. With the introduction of a train in a Zelda game, I found it rather odd. Not only because it seemed a bit silly to me for Link trading the boat for a train, but also because it was quite an advancement in technology in my view. I know that...
  5. J


    Hello, I am Jagged and I have recntly joined the forums. And I think I've joined at a great time to. All this news about Heart-Gold and Soul-Silver...ZOMG!!! When my brother told me about it before I joined I was like :o. Can't wait till its released.