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  1. johno1995

    October 22nd: PM2019 084 - The Lucarionite! Adventure on Mega Island!!

    Fun to see some of Goh being a butt monkey (…literally) in the preview, that’s usually Ash’s job. I hope we see Ampharos, that’s one of my favorite Mega Pokémon.
  2. johno1995

    New Pokemon & Hisuian Variants - Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Did anyone see Dustox in the preview? I know Wurmple and Beautifly were spotted. Still holding out for a Dustox regional form, reflecting Klara's headband from the SWSH DLC... Could've been a hint at Legends: Arceus content. I'd also like to see Furret get either a form or evolution, same...
  3. johno1995

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    Probably not a popular choice, but I think Cherrim would be the perfect Dawn Pokemon. It'd be nice to see the former companions showcase one or two new captures in their guest spots. Iris was a bit of a missed opportunity, since we didn't even see Gible. Alolan Grimer would be another really fun...
  4. johno1995

    July 16th: PM2019 073 - Commander Pikachu! Head Forth, Tairetsu!!

    I honestly wouldn't mind Falinks with Ash. Looking past 'typing', they would obviously function uniquely and give Ash a new challenge in raising a "squad" altogether. To argue against the "it's just another Fighting type" debate, Falinks has access to moves like Poison Jab, Smart Strike...
  5. johno1995

    January 8th: PM2019 050 - Galar Fossils! Stick 'em Together!!

    I think it’d be fun if Ash got all of them, lol. He is excited about fossil hunting and “science” stuff, plus I just happen to really like the -zolt’s and would like to see them with him.
  6. johno1995

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    My ideal Ash roster for Pokemon Journeys: Nuff said. -> / -> These two are pretty much confirmed. Lucario: Aura Sphere, Force Palm, Meteor Mash, Extreme Speed Sirfetch'd: Meteor Assault, Brutal Swing, Leaf Blade, Brave Bird Cramorant and its Pikachu gag are heavily marketed. I could see the...
  7. johno1995

    August 30th: PM2019 035 - I Got Pikachu!!

    I have a strange prediction: this is a Cramorant episode, an Ash capture/recurring Pokémon with a gag of catching Pikachu in its mouth.
  8. johno1995

    August 16th: PM2019 033 - Who Wants to Trade Pokémon?

    Maybe this is a bonding episode between Goh and Scyther. Goh learns about trade evolution (maybe through a visit to Unova and through witnessing a Karrablast/Shelmet trade?) and bonds with Scyther. He could choose either not to trade it, or trades back and forth with Ash to get it to evolve?
  9. johno1995

    August 23rd: PM2019 034 - Saito, the Lone Warrior! The Otosupus Menace!!

    I'd love to see Bea with Falinks. It's one of my favorite Gen 8 Pokemon!
  10. johno1995

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    Pokemon I'd like to see with Ash, even if not particularly likely: Tyranitar Another powerhouse, and from an early Gen. It'd be especially cool if this were Ash's little Larvitar friend all grown up and ready for a big-league adventure. Cramorant One of my personal Galar favorites. I think...
  11. johno1995

    June 28th: PM2019 026 - Splash, Koiking! / Crown Yourself, Yadoking!

    I totally agree. I think Pokemon is at its best when it's not taking everything seriously and fillers that are fun and offer some randomness allow some time for some good character moments and interactions, too. I'm also excited for this episode.
  12. johno1995

    8th Gen Regional Variants

    I love the birds and Galarian Slowbro. All really fantastic designs imo. I'm not going to be hopeful for too many more, but some ideas I had were: Galarian Dustox (Poison/Ice) - on Klara's team Black/white and pink color scheme, like Klara's headband Galarian Beautifly (Psychic/Ice) - on...
  13. johno1995

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    If it is indeed our old pal Jigglypuff, I think it might be a cute twist on the gag if it shows up a couple times and each time it does, Goh tries to catch it only to be evaded by Sing.
  14. johno1995

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    For a Riolu-->Lucario moveset, I'd really like to see something like: Vacuum Wave -> Aura Sphere Drain Punch Meteor Mash Extreme Speed
  15. johno1995

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    Trust me, I actually love Flygon. I think Ash would be perfect with it. Garchomp merch makes me think it's a bit more likely, though and would bring back a reserve which would be nice. So there's pros to both, the only con would be type overlap (which previous teams haven't really cared too much...
  16. johno1995

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    The point of my list was to show Pokémon I would like Ash to have rather than what I think is likely. Flygon feels redundant to me in the face of giving him Garchomp, who he already possibly has access to. I was going for one catch per region except Alola, and every type accessible...
  17. johno1995

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    My personal hope (I emphasize this so folks know I don't seriously THINK these would happen--it's just what I would do personally) involves Ash having a rotation team, and involving Pokemon of every gen, and every type: Pikachu Dragonite Gengar Riolu --> Lucario Sobble --> Drizzile -->...
  18. johno1995

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    I guess I just like more unorthodox "wildcard" choices for Ash's team, and Falinks would fit the bill of something like Gliscor or Glalie that doesn't necessarily fill any expected archetypes that Ash would receive. I'm not really expecting anything, though, this series has been full of...
  19. johno1995

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    As much as Kubfu and Lucario seem likely, I’m bummed that this means Ash may not get Falinks. I find that Pokémon infinitely more interesting and fun for Ash to capture. I really am getting antsy for more Galar Pokémon and storylines, though. Hopefully the other starters debut within the next...
  20. johno1995


    LF: Shiny Galarian Meowth FT: Giga-Gengar Giga-Orbeetle HA Giga-Snorlax