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    I'm... back?

    Hi sppf! I wouldn't necessarily say I'm going to be very active again, but I decided I'd at least post once in a while. I used to be blastoiseboy19 back in 2011-2012; some of you might remember me from the CT60 thread, or as a host of Pokemon Universe. I dedicated so much of my pre-teen years...
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    Pokemon Empire

    Welcome to Pokemon Empire, where all you dreams come true. Do you have your own berry farm, factory, are you collecting or defining Pokemon? Well in PE, you can do all of it at the same time! Build a mighty empire from the ground up. Will you create the next great civilization, or will you burn...
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    Speal with it V2

    The rules are simple. Make the punniest *snicker* statement you can about the above Pokemon, CSI: Miami style. Don't forget to rate the above poster's Speal with it entry too, and post another Pokemon for the next user. Example (if Poster 1 got ;366;) And so forth. The first Pokemon...
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    This or That V2

    Self explainatory. Post two things (preferably parallels) and the next poster will select one that they like better. They will also give two items, and so on. No rules really except for keep it clean and polite. Although one thing, try to keep the chioces away from Pokemon, there's already a...
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    Poke-Hunger Games RPG [PG-15] Discussion Thread

    Main RPG thread Sign Ups Rules: All SPPf Rules apply If you are a member of this RPG, you MUST subscribe to all three threads and stay relatively active. I know not everyone has loads of time to type RPGs, so if your appearances are scarce, try and cram a lot into your posts. If you...
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    Poke-Hunger Games RPG [PG-15]

    All the information is in the Sign Up thread. Sign ups likely to close on Christmas, depending on how fast the story goes. James Potter District 3 Reaping Day James woke with a jolt. Another nightmare. Ever since he realized Reaping Day was coming up so soon, he'd been having bad...
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    Are you annoyed by those who are nothing but mainstream, or everything but mainstream? Are you in one of those categories yourself? Do you only listen to Party Rock Anthem and wear nothing but the same three Abercrombie shirts, or do you type up novels at Starbucks with your MacBook Air, tight...
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    Poke-Hunger Games RPG [PG-15] Sign-Ups

    Main Thread NOTE: This RPG is in no way associated or endorsed by the author or the publisher, and is only using the structure of the Hunger Games series. All rights of the Hunger Games series go to Suzanne Collins and Scholastic Publishing Inc. This RPG is suggested for only people who have...
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    What Kind of Pokemon is the Above Poster?

    Name says it all. You can judge on their avatar, Usertitle, location, signature, almost anything about them EXCEPT USERNAME. SAYING A POKEMON THAT IS IN SOMEONE'S USERNAME IS VERY UNORIGINAL. Please give a reason too, and not just "UR DRAGONITE." Rules: All SPPf rules apply Give a reason...
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    Annoying Things on the Internet

    What really annoys you abou the internet? My biggest annyoance would have to be watching a 1 minute YouTube ad for a 15 second video. And please don't talk about memes-there's already a thread for that.
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    The Green Glass Door

    Alright, this game is well known some places, but not Serebii. Basically, I (or one of our members, which I will explain later) will post a list of things that one can find behind the Green Glass Door (GGD) and a list of things found behind the Red Plastic Window (RPW). If you think you know how...
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    Blastoiseboy19's Shop

    WHAT THE HELL YOU GUISE SRSLY THIS SHOP HAS BEEN DEAD FOR OVER HALF A YEAR AND YOU ****ING COME AND REQUEST ART LOLOLOL Hai everyone it's Blastoiseboy19 here and I'm a spriter. I do Fusions, Recolors, Retypes, Re/Devamps, and ZOMBIES. I also do Pokemon Paintings... which are pretty bad. I'm...