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    Smug Mix - Pre Pokébank Ubers (Peaked #12)

    Smug Mix - Pre Pokébank Ubers (Peaked #12) Smug Mix ---------------- Hello all, and welcome to what is my first RMT on Gen VI and my first RMT in a very long while! I've always liked the Ubers Tier, but the Pre-Pokebank Tier of Gen 6 is probably the Uber metagame that's...
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    6th Generation Announced! Hopes? Fears?

    So, the 6th Generation of Pokémon, with games Pokémon X and Y have been announced for a global release in October this year, on 3DS, I add with much elation. So, although we can't really discuss what this will mean for the competitive metagame as yet, we can discuss what we're hoping or...
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    What if there was a Physical Hidden Power?

    So, Hidden Power's a pretty important move in the metagame, and it has a big impact. I mean, for many Pokémon, it can be used to patch holes in their coverage or to help deal with certain would-be checks and counters. Hidden Power Ice and Fire are common additions to the movesets of any Pokémon...
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    The Crystalline Guard

    Today, the five Pokemon Regions live in harmony and peace, but it was not always so... Almost 2000 years ago, Kanto was gripped by a terrible disease, for which no cure could be found. However, Botanists of the time told tales of a plant that grew exclusively in the highest reaches of Mt...
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    Ceremonials, Peak #9 (Ubers)

    "Let’s talk about magic. Because music, at its best, is a kind of magic that lifts you up and takes you somewhere else." Ubers is a tier that many often consider 'n00bish' due to the large amount of players with almost no competitive knowledge who battle in the Uber tier purely because...
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    Absolute Corruption (Uber RMT)

    "Power corrupts, absolute power corrups absolutely" - Lord Acton I don't know about you, but when someone says 'Ubers' the first thing I think of is power, and lots of it. The Uber Tier is where you can field practicaly anything: pokemon with collosal attack stats, pokemon capable of...
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    ~ War: The Battling Academy vs Sheer Force Resurgence ~

    VS Rules 5 vs 5 OU Clan War Anything Smogon-Banned will be banned for this war All battles will be done on PO and will be 6v6 lvl 100 Defeating your opponent will get you a point for your clan. The first to three, wins The results of each battle must be confirmed on this thread by...
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    ~ War: The Battling Academy vs Regions of Sin ~

    VS Rules 7vs7 OU Clan War Defeating your opponent will get you a point for your clan. The first to four, wins. All battles will be done on PO and will be 6v6 lvl 100 Anything Smogon-Banned will be banned for this war, including the recent Excadrill ban. There will be no matchups, due to...
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    Another Autumn Friendly RMT, NO TERRACOTTA :O

    Ok, so I decided to give the Autumn Friendly a go, but this isn't really my area of expertise, but I've given it a good shot. The General Theme Of The Team I've decided not to jump in the bandwagon here and use TerraCotta, mostly because it can be stopped easily, and many people will be using...
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    Hey! Hey! Look at this RMT!

    Ok, so, now for a little introduction about how I made this team. I'd been using a sand team for most of 5th gen, but wanted to move on. I originally tried using rain, but it didn't really work for me, maybe it's not my style. So, I decide to try hazards, so I made this team! The Team...
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    ~ War: The Battling Academy vs Dragons of Legend ~

    vs Rules 5v5 OU War Defeating your opponent will get you a point for your clan. The first to three wins. All battles will be done on PO and will be 6v6 lvl 100, with the exception of the wi-fi battle, which will be 3v3 Flat. Anything Smogon-Banned will be banned for this war i.e...
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    DD Scrafty: Shed Skin or Moxie??

    Shed Skin A pokemon affected by a major status condition has a 33.3% chance of healing its status condition at the end of each turn. Pros This ability basically prevents Scrafty's sweep being ground to a halt by Paralysis, Sleep or Burn Moxie When a pokemon with moxie lands the...
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    OU Sand (Mostly)

    Ok, here's my sand team that I've been using on PO. It's been doing pretty well, but I'm sure it can be better with some input from you lot. It's a sand team, but not a normal one as there's no landorus/gliscor so it has at least some variety. The Team at a Glance I'm not going to do a...
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    Chansey vs Blissey

    Ok, pretty simple question: title says it all. Who do you think is best, Eviolite chansey, or Blissey? Discuss. Feel free to post sets to argue your case.
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    UU like this team, don't you?

    Ok, so as the title explains this is a UU team. I've only recently been palying UU, but I'm enjoying it. This team has been doing well on PO, but I'm sure I can make it do better. That, my fellow serebiiforum-goers, is why you are (hopefully) here. Also, for some reason the images I have...
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    Battle Subway Singles Rain Team!

    Yes, another rain team people. My synergy team (found here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=527316) only got me to 39 straight wins. So, as I am aiming for 49, AT LEAST, I have once again decided to turn to weather. ;186; @ Leftovers Drizzle (obviously) Relaxed EVs: 252 HP...
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    Starter Pokemon Themeed Team

    Team is slightly edited due to a heads-up about balzekin from the other posters. As you can gather from the title, this is a team consisting of only starter pokemon. It's a random, crazy idea I came up with recently, but in making the team I've become rather proud of it and I think it's very...
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    Battle Subway Single Team

    So here's a team I've just dreamt up, I think it's a fairly good, all round team, let's see how it fares in RMT :) :598: @ Leftovers/Chesto Berry Iron Barbs Relaxed EVs 252 Hp, 200 Sp.Def, 52 Def Moves: --Curse --Gyro Ball --Leech Seed --Protect Ok, I've jumped in the bandwagon...
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    Stuck on 203 posts

    Ok, so my post count has been 203 for my past 15 posts or so. I was wondering how I could fix it, so it actually goes up again? Thanks.
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    The Battling Academy

    .................................................................................................................................................... Welcome to The Battling Academy Here at The Battling Academy we do things a little differently. Our clan is not based off of any specific...