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    NFE Team

    Basically, a couple friends and I are fighting with NFE's. (The worst of the worst) IV breeding is vital. Opinions? This'll shake things up a bit, eh? Only experts should predict this one. Beldum@Choice Band Adamant 252attack/252speed/4HP -Take Down Also, I came up with this...
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    Pal Park Question

    I have read in the pal park guide that there is a time limit to catching your traded pokemon. What happens if you fail to capture all of them and never found your prized shiny Level 100 Rayquaza? Do they disappear forever or what?
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    Please rate my Ingame Emerald team.

    Blaziken@Charcoal Trait:Blaze Nature:Timid -Blaze Kick -Double Kick -Earthquake -Slash Skarmory@Leftovers Trait:Sturdy Nature:Bashful -Aerial Ace -Fly -Toxic -Steel Wing Manectric@Lax Incense Trait:Lightningrod Nature:Naive -Bite -Thunder Wave -Shockwave -Thunderbolt...
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    Please, have a look at my silver team before I face the elite four, thank you.

    Here is my current team as of 1/23/06. Please feel free to make any changes. I already had some changes in mind (increasing stats & TMs), but I would like to see what everyone else thinks. I have faced the elite four many times before so I do know what they are like, but never with this sort of...