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  1. Lt. BLEU™

    Own Tempo Rockruff

    Hey everyone, I am looking for an Own Tempo Rockruff for UM. Does not have to have anything else special except for the ability. I am pretty early in the game and do not have much to give in return, however, I am able to breed a specific Pokemon for Shield or Sword. Let me know if anything...
  2. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. Bleu's Trade Shop

    Welcome to Lt. Bleu's Trade Shop. Rules: Follow or leave. Rules are pretty basic and have been made for everyone's convenience, please follow them. 1. Follow all Serebii and sub-forum rules. 2. Do not be rude or demand Pokemon. 3. I have the right to say not a particular request without...
  3. Lt. BLEU™

    Requesting help for completing the Sheild Pokedex

    I am looking for the following Pokemon to complete my dex. I do not mind trade and return-trade for majority of these Pokemon. Thank you. 200 - Espeon 201 - Umbreon 206 - Flapple 211 - Slurpuff 213 - Aromatisse 216 - Wynaut 219 - Sirfetch'd 266 - Rhyperior 267 - Gothita 268 - Gothorita 274 -...
  4. Lt. BLEU™

    Doctor Who: The Final War(PG-13)

    Doctor Who: The Final WarPG-13 Author's Notes: The story will be narrated by various Doctor who characters divided into chapters. Each chapter will solely be narrated by one character. A new chapter will be posted every 10-14 days. Background Information: World is in chaos, the Doctor's...
  5. Lt. BLEU™

    Pokemon Go: Did you catch 'em all?

    Hello, fellow Pokemon GO users. This is by far one of the most amazing chances of our lives to be a Pokemon Master and catch 'em all! How far along are you on your Pokedex? Not being able to go out and far away from my home, I still have a limited number of Pokemon, and my Pokedex count is on...
  6. Lt. BLEU™

    Pokemon Combat Point (CP) Range: (Community Contribution)

    Pokemon Combat Point (CP) Range: Community Contribution Hello all! All Pokemon come with CP (Combat Points) that determine the power of your Pokemon. The CP of any given Pokemon varies from a particular low to a particular high. Since there is no thread/page around that gives a good range of...
  7. Lt. BLEU™

    Black Fox Trade Shop

    Hello and welcome to my trade shop. I'm Lt. Bleu and I'll be your host in this wonderful shop. I hope you have a good time. Please, make sure to read all the rules for your own convenience. Rules -All my Pokemon are and will be cloned. If you, for some reason, do not like clones, I'm afraid...
  8. Lt. BLEU™

    The Hoenn Region Club: V. 2.0.0

    HOENN Credit To RZK for the banner Welcome to the Hoenn region club. With the region of Hoenn updated, we have a new thread, under the same leadership. Hoenn has always, and, will always be a favorite region of most people. The Pokemon, the contests, the Gyms, the side quests and the locations...
  9. Lt. BLEU™

    USB: No driver found .

    I am using a Lenovo G510 Windows 7 Ultimate PC with 64bit OS. I am having issues connecting USB. Every time I click Scan for changes, it says USB drivers not installed. I tried going on to Lenovo support site but for some reason, it won't load for me and return a Connection Timed out Message...
  10. Lt. BLEU™

    Help required for website layout and designing.

    Hello to all those who read this thread. Basically, I'm learning Web designing all on my own by refering to books and/or internet itself. I've got the hang of coding and things to a good level. Now the issue that comes to me is that the creative part of my brain does not switch on ever. I'm...
  11. Lt. BLEU™

    The Creed of The Dragon Tournaments

    Current Tournaments
  12. Lt. BLEU™

    Bleu's Trade shop.

    Welcome to Bleu's trade shop Norms. 1. All SPPf rules and trade forum rules apply 2. Be polite to others and myself 3. Be patient do not rush me or pm. 4. Do not trade hacks or i will ask for an immediate trade back 5. Don't be afraid to ask i will take all offers into consideration 6. If you...
  13. Lt. BLEU™

    The Sinjoh Connection - REBIRTH

    I still remember that day... the day when my whole life changed... The world was peaceful... Pokemon lived with humans as if they were family... always there for each other. It was a beautiful time. However, one day, I had a dream... the world was not what I knew it to be... it was in chaos...
  14. Lt. BLEU™

    The hoenn region fan club

    THE HOENN REGION CLUB Welcome to the Hoenn Region Club! In this club you can talk about anything related to the mysterious and fantastic Hoenn region! Whether it's about the berry crushing, the Pokémon, or just the beautiful geography and features of Hoenn itself! ~The Rules~ All...
  15. Lt. BLEU™

    What do you call your rival?

  16. Lt. BLEU™

    Your favorite legendary pokemon

    All right guys and girls....this is a serious thread no flaming trolling or spaming here pleas follow all sppf rules.... Thank you... Now i wanna know your favorite legendary pokemon from all generations..... Since polls allow only 10 options....i'll have to restrict to 10 you can select...
  17. Lt. BLEU™

    Toxicated area!

    OFFERING CLONING SERVICES! support this shop by addin' the button to your sig! hola! guyz this is bleuumbreon......and this is my very own personal area.....and i welcome you all!! my fc:0476 6990 7190 THE SHOPPE RULES ~ALL SPPF RULES DO APPLY HERE ~DO NOT SPAM ON THIS PAGE MIGHT RESULT...
  18. Lt. BLEU™

    Which pokemon type is under rated in the pokemon games?

    I would like to know your opinions on which pokemon type is under-rated..... I think it's poison i want justice.....:p
  19. Lt. BLEU™

    Which is a pokemon move that is under-rated/over rated

    Which move in the pokemon games from gen 1 to gen 5 you this is under-rated as well as a move you think is over rated....
  20. Lt. BLEU™

    Offical Nickname Discussion thread

    Do you nickname your pokemon Official by Nutter t.kk Nicknames are sign of Uniqueness, make you Pokémon stand out from the crowd. This is the place to discuss your Pokémon's nicknames. I've created this thread after many starting threads about them. Rules: GPD Rules and Serebii...