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    Computer porting

    I'm trying to set up a Minecraft server on my computers so I can play with my brother. I used Port Map on my Mac to set up the porting, but I can't on my PC. What's the Port Map-type program for the PC, if there is any?
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    Wii remote got wet...

    A couple weeks ago, our basement flooded, and my Wii remote went underwater. We tried replacing the batteries, but it didn't do anything. Is there another way to fix it, or do I need to buy another?
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    I'm for some reason stuck on the E4. Where should I train? I've been doing Victory Road, but it seems slow.
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    Strange sovenirs...

    If you've ever been out of the country, you've probably been to a souvenir stand. But since it's foreign, it may look strange to you . What are some of the strangest? For me, in Paris, there were dice that had sex positions on it... yeah.
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    Macro Deck

    Here's my World Championship Macro/Remove from Play deck. As it's a video game, money is no object. Monsters: 21-22 Banisher of the Light Banisher of the Radience Blackwing-Gale the Whirlwind Breaker the Magical Warrior Caius the Shadow Monarch x2-3 Cyber Dragon* Cyber Valley D.D...
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    Green Day FTW!

    This is a discussion thread for the few fans of Green Day. One of the biggest bands currently out there, they deserve their own thread!
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    Love makes the world go 'round... or does it?

    People always say love is the most important thing in the world, that we aren't human without it. But is it really that important? Most animals survive without it. We could live without it. But it isn't really a life priority, is it?
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    Macro Deck

    I've had a macro/remove from Play deck for a while, and I'm asking for any improvements for it. Monsters: D.D. Warrior Lady x2 D.D. Survivor x2 Helios-The Primordial Sun x1 Helios Duo Megistus x1 Helios Trio Megistus x1 Destiny Hero-Doom Lord x1 D.D. Scout Plane x2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x1...
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    Rock Band drums problem.

    The last couple weeks, I've noticed that my wireless drum only works for a couple songs, and randomly, it's like the connection breaks or something. The wireless part (The thing you plug into the system with) blinks off for an instant every second or so, and it acts like it's no longer connected...
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    I noticed in every Pokemon game, no trainers except you(unless you release it), your rival, or Dawn/Lucas have starters(with a few exceptions). To become a Pokemon trainer, don't you need to be: A. 10 years old, B. Get a starter, and C. Usually get a Pokedex. Yet with the 100s of trainers...
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    Not-so-good Pearl Team

    Infernape (Rash) Lv. 50 ATK:118 DEF:89 SP. ATK:132 SP. DEF:83 Speed:132 -Mach Punch -Sunny Day -Close Combat -Flame Wheel Sceptile (Hardy) Lv. 49 ATK:99 DEF:79 SP. ATK:121 SP. DEF:91 Speed:145 -Slam -Leaf Blade -Absorb -Solarbeam Swampert (Rash) Lv. 46 ATK:115 DEF:107...
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    FR or LG?

    Sorry if I should do this somewhere else or there's something like this already. I'm deciding to get one of the RBY remakes. I just don't know which one. I had FireRed before, and I kind of feel like getting it again (I lost it a year ago), but I don't know if I should try LeafGreen.
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    Most-prized Yu-Gi-Oh card?

    I just wanted to know what your favorite/most-prized Yu-Gi-Oh card(s) is/are. Mine is a quite old and not-so-good Twin-Headed Fire Dragon. It's one of the first Yu-Gi-Oh cards I remember having. I prized it more in kindergarten, though.
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    Mistakes/n00bish actions on Serebii

    Sorry if this already exists or is the wrong place. Also sorry if I used the wrong way to spell noob or used the incorrect form. Post here thing you accidentally do that wasn't so smart. Once I was on a RMT Forum and I put, "Use Wailord or Blissey or Wailmer or Chansey for health" and I...
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    How do you say pokemon?

    I, of course, say it with a long "e", like in "E-mail. But my brother says it is with a short "e", like in "never". How do you say it?
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    Last Letter Game; Video Game Style

    This is a game where you name a video game that starts with the last letter of the video game mentioned from the last poster. Example: 1st Poster: Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. 2nd Poster: Sonic Heros. 3rd Poster: Spore You get the point. I'll start it off...
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    Hardest pokemon?

    What was the most difficult pokemon to get a picture of in Snap? To me, it's Muk. It's not that easy throwing 5 Pester Balls at a Grimer.
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    The Unown Mystery

    For PMD1, I have a stradegy guide that tells me that if you recuit all 28 Unown,something special happens. Anyone know what that special something is?
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    Strange types

    I noticed lately that many pokemon cards have types that aren't the video game types. Any you found? 2 I've seen are steel Pikachu and psychic Treecko!
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    Mystery dungeon money

    What's the most money you found in a dungeon by a single coin? (^Sorry if it doesn't make too much sence. It's the best I can do.) Mine is $386.