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  1. pokemon special

    Pokemon Hospital

    Welcome to Healing Hope Hospital, the biggest hospital in all of the Farlen Region. The hospital was built only a few years ago, and no expense was spared. The building has multiple floors and the most cutting edge equipment. There is no lack of facilities, but one thing is missing - staff...
  2. pokemon special

    Pokemon Contest - Third Time Lucky

    Pokemon Contest - Third Time Lucky Owner- Pokemon Special Judges - Pokemon Special Bridge SpyroxPikachu MarshtompMan Tallyist- SpyroxPikachu Judge's pokemon: Bridge: Osbourne the Mankey (Tough) Pokemon Special: Sunny the Wigglytuff (Cute) SpyroxPikachu: Jaroo the Snivy...
  3. pokemon special

    ~ Rate the Username of the Previous User ~

    Rate the username of previous user! I don’t know if this has been made before, but I hope not. The game goes like this: Poster One: 6/10 pokemon special your username is okay but you should use Shift when you want to do Names and stuff Poster Two: 0/10 What sort of name is Poster...
  4. pokemon special

    Pokemon Hospital

    Pokemon Hospital Hello, I’ve made a game. It’s called Pokemon Hospital, and, Amazingly, it’s based around a Hospital! As you Ponder that huge Shock, I’ll tell you about it. You will be able to treat sick and hurt Pokemon, be a helpful Member of staff, and , make and play as Sick and Hurt...
  5. pokemon special

    Passing Out

    This tread is about passing out.Tell us if you have passed out, Why?, what it was like, if is happens lots.Just Post anything to do with it here. I passed out in a shopping mall this year. I was loseing a tooth and I pulled it out and it was so painless and bloodly i passed.It was like...
  6. pokemon special

    Pokemon house!

    Screaming Spearows Gaia ;036; Wins: 3 Lows: 1 Duncan ;391; Team Captain Wins: 1 Owen ;446; Lows: 1 Wins: 1 Eliminated Harold ;302; Wins: 1 Eliminated S. Abotage ;404; Lows: 1 Eliminated Jake ;026;Wins: 1 Striker ;164; Wins: 1 Eddie ;212; Wins: 1 Izzy ;274; Wins: 1 Challenges Won: 4...
  7. pokemon special

    Text colour

    Al aould the fourms there pople with casdom Text colour .I was wondoring how to do this.Can somwone tell me?It would be good for my sig!Thanks!^.^
  8. pokemon special

    The cute to ugly game ! ^.^ > O_0

    The cute to ugly game !^.^ > O_0 This my first game. I hope everyone likes it. The rules . Rule one: s SPPF rules apply .Rule. two: No swearing. No matter how small Rule. three. Do not say last/next user or something like that. How to play. The first user puts something very cute, Like say...
  9. pokemon special


    Hiya everyone, I just read the rules!