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    The Pokemon Resistance

    Once upon a time, there was chaos in the world. The pokemon of the time were violent, unruly, insane and brutal. Then one day, an invention was made, that changed all that. That invention was authority. A system of life where people took charge, to tell people how to live. For a time, this...
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    The Black Ambitions Society

    Darkness didn't create us. We created Darkness. Welcome to The Black Ambitions Society, A Clan for the forumites that prefer to shun the light, to live outside the laws and boundaries that are imposed on the world. We are an organization that strives to be the best but doesn't really mind, as...
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    The Shop Of Nightmares

    SHOP STATUS:OPEN! LOOKING FOR MORE ARTISTS TO MAKE ART FOR THE SHOP! PM ME IF INTERESTED! Waiting List 1:aurasageluke 2:WhoIsWho 3: 4: 5: Rules 1) Please use the provided forms, that's what they are provided for, or you will get a strike. 2) Please don't forget to give...
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    My First Gen 5 Team

    First team, plz rate! Hi everyone! This is the first team that I made myself(with help from some of my clan members) I am relatively new at this and I know that there are quite a few things to be tweaked, which is why I am posting this, to find what they are, then to implement them. My...
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    Burning Earth, Living in the Darkness

    Welcome to my clan, Burning Earth. My name is Darkfire98989. I was once leader of a very sucsessful clan on another site, but am now leader of Burning Earth. This is a clan that strives to not just be a normal run of the mill clan, but to have things that you will not experience in other clans...