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    Is Trip actually based on Cheren?

    Is Trip Cheren's anime counterpart? Well, just for a start, are there anyone who had speculated anything about this theory? I mean, well, Trip and Cheren is both calm and collected. They act rather cool and distant, although I don't think Trip is as friendly and warm as Cheren (especially...
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    ELECTRIC SHOCK // the banner + avatar shop!

    E l e c t r i c S h o c k ! Shop status: OPEN! Warm welcome from Elesa, yoo-hoo. Hello! Welcome and hello again! You've stumbled upon Ruby Moon's new graphic and spriting shop, ELECTRIC SHOCK Shop. E☆S Shop provides your general icon and simple signatures. You may also request several...
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    Air Gear

    This is one of the best manga that Ito Ogure (OH!Great) has invented so far. I really love the artwork (yes, he did it very clean and well). Anyone here read the manga? I'm still on chapter 70-80s. I know I'm so late. ;A;
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    Hoenn Elite Four and Johto Elite Four

    Why did the animators dropped the idea of showing Hoenn and Johto Elite Four in early episodes? And I've never seen Ash actually battling the Elite Four like in the games. So far, they also haven't shown the entire Sinnoh Elite Four (plus, Volkner) yet. ;3; I would love to see Ash battle the...
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    The Silver Soul: Kotone/Soul FC!

    && silver soul ;; kotone fc + welcome greetings so, i was wondering, why since hg/ss release, there's still no fc for kotone? well, worry no more for you kotone fans! welcome to The Silver Soul: Kotone/Soul FC! this club is dedicated for all kotone fans and discussion about her character...
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    R☆S // Rising Star Shop ♫

    Shop status: CLOSED / HIATUS Warm welcome from Hatsune Miku! <3 Hello! Welcome and hello again! You've stumbled upon Ruby Moon's new graphic and spriting shop, Rising Star Shop. R☆S Shop provides your general icon and simple signatures. You may also request several sprite works from me, Ruby...
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    Asian Drama thread~

    Since I've watched Nodame Cantabile's live action version, I've become more interested of watching Asian dramas. Asian dramas are very interesting and has great humor. Before watching Nodame Cantabile, I've watched several Asian drama when I was younger, such as Meteor Garden and Princess Hours...
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    Nodame Cantabile :'D

    Hello! This is the thread for discussing one of Tomoko Ninomiya's biggest work, Nodame Cantabile. You can discuss anything related to the anime, manga, and j-dorama also. I personally only watch the anime version up to the end of Paris Hen season. It's announced there will be a new season up on...
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    Karin's Icons and Graphics ~ !

    Just showing off my graphics of coloring... I'm still kinda amateur-ish at graphic designings *isn't able to make a proper sig, lulz* So.. I only have icons to show ;; && Lion King && Pokemon (Some of them are old and new lol) && Misc Anime and Manga...
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    && soulful thunder;; for your eyes only!

    Hiyas! Welcome to Angelic Pika and Ruby Moon's joint graphic and sprites shop. This shop is called the Soulful Thunder. Wonder why? Well, trust me, you can easily guess it. XD && Rules;; 1. This is a request shop. Don't make an useless spam here. 2. Follow the forms. 3. Don't rush us. We have a...
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    Pokemon resembles you? =D

    I think I've made thread like this before but I decide to revive it. Mod can delete this if this has been made. I posted mine around June-July 2007. I'd say, something like Charmander or Totodile can describe me. I'm kinda friendly and lively sometimes, but I can also be mean and rude. >)...
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    Mobile Suit Gundam 00

    Okay, this is the newest Mobile Suit Gundam installation, right? And it's already ended, but I still like it. The second season is appearantly will air around October 2008. Anybody watch it also? If you wanna know more, go here
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    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

    Anyone here read that manga series? It's so cool and pretty much hilarious. XD Anyone watched the anime too?
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    Saiunkoku Monogatari Anime Discussion

    Anybody like this anime? This anime also known by name Colorcloud Palace or The Story of Saiunkoku, if anyone has watch it on Animax. The first season is ended with 39 episodes, and the second season is ongoing in Japan. Summary: They also had a pretty good music, especially the...
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    Roserade help please!

    Before going to E4, check my Roserade please. Roserade lv.54@Leftovers Lonely Nature -Solarbeam -Toxic -Energy Ball -Synthesis Rate away.
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    Karin's veery first RMT!

    Okay, here's my very first RMT, I just bought Pokemon Diamond two days ago *yayness* So RMT plz: Empoleon (Serious Natured)@? Trait: Torrent -Aqua Jet -Brine -Bubblebeam -Peck Staraptor (Jolly Natured)@Focus Band/Sash (whatever..) Trait: Intimidate -Aerial Ace -Wing Attack -Close...
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    The Pokemon Champions Fans Club

    The Pokemon Champion Fans Club! *credits to Uedagumi!* Dear people, welcome to the Pokemon Champion fans club. Here, you can talk about the champion from each region in the world of Pokemon (Red, Lance, Steven/Wallace, and Cynthia) I'm the owner of the club, Fantasyrider welcomes you all...
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    Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z! Thread

    Whoa, just found out the anime a few days ago. When I watched them, they're pretty cute, even better than the cartoon version xD;; Source here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demashita!_Powerpuff_Girls_Z If you notice, Buttercup does look like Zoey.. <3
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    What Pokemon Resembles You?

    I don't know if this thread has made before. Mods can close this if this had been made.. The topic is as the title says. I'd say Shiftry resembles me much. Mysterious, moody, and sometimes very.. grumpy. So, what Pokemon resembles you?
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    The Originshipping General Discussion (v.5.0)

    Since the four previous thread is gone, I remake this one (I won't let it die, of course ;DD). This thread is dedicated to two Hoenn Champion's relationship (Wallace and Steven, of course ;3). Seems the name has something to do with Cave of Origin XDD *slaps herself* Well, post your fanart and...