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    Hope in a Lion (PG-13)

    Hope in a Lion Please keep in mind that this is my first fic, and I'm pretty young. It certainly won't be as good as some others, but I'll try my best. Prologue "Hunting in the dark is one of the most useful things that you will ever know." The Luxray mother, Silla, padded quietly...
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    I felt like making this thread because I sprained my calf in the last week while fencing. So: What injuries do you have at the moment? What was your worst injury? Where?
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    Writing something different

    So I'm taking some writing classes this summer, and the teacher said to stream a paragraph. And this is what I came up with: It makes me feel as if something is growing inside me, something called love, a white lily spreading its pure crystal petals like the wings of a swan fluttering in my...
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    righhht....hi? (shuffle)

    New to the forums... I guess i'm good tempered most of the time. But don't get me started. (Kidding) Mmm...anything else to say? Oh yeah. Hi.