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    Rain in the parade

    Hello everyone. I have always loved the rain weather effect. On my games i have been quite successful. however with the release of B2W2 i wanted to try out the new toys. so without further adieu here it is! Wet toed (Politoed) @ Choice Specs Trait: Drizzle EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 HP Modest...
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    Primus et Ultimus Trade Shop

    CLoner List: Pambi Need more Cloners ALL WHO JOIN PRIMUS ET ULITMUS GET ONE FREE DREAM WORLD FEMALE FROM MY SHOP JOIN NOW! Now the offical trade shop for Primus et Ultimus! Welcome to my shop here we have my pokemon for trade Rules! NO flamming NO Posting while Banned...
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    Parent on the downfall?

    is parenthood become litte more than juat someone you call mom or dad? i mean 200 years ago everything was taught at home. now in 2011 everything inculding sex ed is being forced on the schools? im i the only one who sees this?
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    battle subway singles

    politiad@leftovers drizzle evs 252 spatk/speed 4hp modest ice beam hypnosis focus blast surf politoad setups rain nothing else dragonite@shell bell multiscale evs 252 spatk/speed 4 hp modest thunder surf dragon pulse hurricane thunder kills water/flying types the latter...
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    raining on your parade!

    politoad @ leftovers Ability:drizzle EVs:252 spatk 252 speed 44 Nature:modest ice beam hypnosis focus blast surf politoad is there to setup rain for the rest of my team dragonite@shell bell ability:multiscale evs 252 spatk 252 speed 4hp Nature modest thunder surf dragon pulse hurricane...
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    http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=525709 how do i take this and make it click here to goto my trade shop!
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    The Sleeping Snorlax

    I HAVE AN EVENT11 ZOROAK THAT I AM PICKING UP ON HALLOWEEN! PRE-ORDER NOW! I HAVE AN DW BANETTE THAT I AM PICKING UP ON HALLOWEEN! PRE-ORDER NOW! SHOP UPDATE!!! NEED A CLONER Welcome Thank you for Checking out my humble shop Please note my time zone GMT -6 Or Mountain Daylight...
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    ot mat

    why is ot mat so hard to trade off of?
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    whats an RNG
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    Read 1st post

    Rmt please battle subway singles i would like an ev spread Politoad@Leftovers drizzle/modest 4hp 252spatk 252speed hydro pump ice beam focus blast hypnosis Dragonite@shell bell mutliscale-inner focus/modest 4hp 252spatk 252 speed thunder hurruicane surf/thunderbolt dragon...
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    random machup wifi team

    Tyranitar @??? Ability:Sand stream EVs:180 hp 252 atk 76 speed Nature:adamant crunch earthquake stone edge fire fang TTar to set up a sandstorm for himself to damage the foe and decimate Golurk @ ??? Ability: Iron Fist Ev: 252 atk 252 speed 4def Nature: Adamant Shadow Punch EarthQuake Rock...
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    just want to know if this is a good Battle subway team TTAR ;248; Adamant sand stream crunch earthquake stone edge fire fang Drizzletoad ;186; Modest drizzle ice beam hypnosis focus blast surf Ninetails ;038; timid drought solarbeam confuse ray flamethrower toxic am open to...