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    ~Most Unique Thing About You~

    Everyone is unique in their own way. For me I think its my range in the type of Music I like. How about you guys? Feel free to share anything you find most unique about yourself :3
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    ~Childhood Memories: The Good, The Bad~

    This thread is for those who would like to share a memory from their childhood! Whether it be a good memory, like a special holiday, or a bad one, like a severe injury, feel free to share! :D
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    The Weirdest Part of Your Day.

    What was the weirdest part of your day? Did anything at home, school or work happen that left you very confused? Share your experience here!
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    ~~Ghost/Paranormal Experiences~~

    Recently Ive gotten into shows about ghosts and paranormal phenomena, and Im wondering if anyone has experienced anything like that. I personally havent but I know many people who have. If any of you have had any experiences involving the paranormal, Id like you to share them so others can read...