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    Pedophilia: It is very important to note that sexual relations with a pre-pubescent child and a teenager are two very different things. Statutory rape would be an adult having sex with a teenager. The laws around this differ by state/province/country (for instance, in Canada an 18-year-old...
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    Iceberg's Trade Shop!

    Iceberg's Trade Shop! Updated 29.07.2012 Welcome!! A Special Note: I want to thank everyone for their patience with me (considering the little mishap in the past) and above all for their understanding and forgiveness. I want to give special thanks to all those who helped me to re-establish my...
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    Hades666 and Iceberg's Black Market!

    Welcome! Rules: 1. Obviously, all Serebii Forum Rules apply. 2. No hacks. Can't stress this enough. If you happen to trade me a hack I request a replacement, and the same goes for you (if you can prove mine is a hack). If you happen to notice one of my Pokemon in my shop is a hack, please PM me...
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    Sound Problems in Videos

    When I try to watch a video on the internet (such as youtube) the voices are signifcantly quieter then the background music etc. This only started happening recently. I watched videos that were fine before, but are now plagued with this problem. However, the volume is fine when I am not using...