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    Choosing the right pokéball.

    Choosing the right pokéball. As I assume most of you know, Pokémon X and Y introduced a new feature in that when breeding pokémon, instead of all eggs producing pokémon in pokéballs, the baby inherits the type of pokéball it was caught in from its mother (ditto doesn't count). The only...
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    W-PS does what Nintendon't: 6th gen in sprite form.

    So as some of you may have noticed, 6th gen has models and not sprites. Well, it had to happen eventually, but what will happen to our roaring spriters community? Will it die with nothing to sprite? Nope. We struggle on! We make our own 6th gen sprites. Or at least we do until theres too many...
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    The New Generation of The Caption Contest

    The old Caption Contest The Caption Contest has had a long and glorious history on serebiiforums, but recently it has been absent. This will not do. As such, I am proud to present... The New Generation of The Caption Contest!!! Rules: Here's how it goes, one of the artists posts a picture of...
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    Global Battle Union Rotation Team

    OK, so I've decided I wanted to try the ranked battles on the GBU, but I thought that I should try one of the less common battle styles, on the general assumption that as its fairly new and unexplored, no-one has too much practise and everyone is just as incompetent as me. A few things to...
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    WPS's planned White Team:

    This is my team for Pokemon White, when it comes out. I'm probably not going to have any egg moves, as they're a hassle to get ingame without trading, or any EVs, because I never bother with them ingame. I'm unsure about item availability on White, so I'll take suggestions for them. Crowely...
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    WPS's new sprite thread!

    Well, with the return of the WSC and the fan-sprites community on the rise again, I thought it would be a good time to reopen my thread. As usual, please try to follow the rules on C&C, and don't ask for requests. First off, if you've never seen my old sprites, you should check out my old...
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    A non-anime Pokémon Movie?

    A non-anime Pokémon Movie? Now I'm sure you've all seen that fake trailer for a live action Pokémon movie (and perhaps the more gullible of you believed it) from last month. Well, it got me thinking about if Game Freak/Nintendo decided to make a Pokémon movie that wasn't based of the anime...
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    The past and future of Pokémon's art style

    The past and future of Pokémon's art style Overview/tl;dr version: Given how the art/sprites/graphics for the main series games have changed, and how the new 3DS is much more powerful, graphics wise, speculate how you think the 6th and onwards generations of Pokémon games will look. (Humour...
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    PBR Doubles Team - Hail

    This team is kind of both in-game, and pseudo competitive. However, it's certainly not properly competitive, so I put it in in game. The team is a hail team, and two of my Pokémon utilise the HGSS Mimic/Transform/Rage glitch in order to obtain moves they couldn't already learn. PBR uses a 4 out...
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    WPS's new and wittily titled sprite thread

    With the failure of my sprite-thread-in-profile thing, I have returned to the Fan-sprites forum, in order to actually get responses. As usual, let me remind you of the rules on constructive comments and criticism. If you spam my thread with mindless, useless praise (even for MANLYKARP), I...
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    I think my Wii is dying again.

    About 6 months ago, after a few early warnings of it freezing, occasionally rejecting disks and one bizzarre incident where it would only read a cetain disk evey other day, my Wii broke. It worked fine otherwise, but it refused to read disks, and the laser didn't even make a sound (and bizarrely...
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    WPS's evil laborotory. Beware of the MANLYKARP!

    I'm BACK! Right, it's finally the summer holidays, so I should have more time to sprite, meaning you'lle be getting more then just a sprite a week and I will actually change sprites in response to criticism this time! Please note that I will not be happy with posts that say: And may...
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    Nintendo reveals the Zelda Timeline

    Link to Article After a fan sent in his theory on the time line of the zelda franchise, Nintendo sent back the actual timeline: THERE ISN'T ONE! The fan then became incredibly angry, and started a petition (Yes, we all know they don't work), stating: "If we can get enough names then...
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    Yes, the guy with spriter in his name has a sprite thread!

    First of all, do not post unless you offer constructive coments or critisism. If you don't understand this concept of "constructive", read this thread here. From this, if you still don't give constructive C+C, I will report you for spam, and I warn you now, may not be entirely polite about your...
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    What Design changes would you make?

    I think this is different enough to be seperate form create your own anything, but if the Mods disagree, I apologise profusely. If you could change the design of one pokemon, not a drastic change like a form change, but perhaps a more streamlined shape, a few extra spikes, what ever, what...
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    What attack/move would be most useful?

    If you could have one attack, which attack would be most useful to your daily life? For example, Fire Fang would let you cook AND eat food simultaniously. That's useful, right? I know it's inevitable, but keep it clean, please. Anyway! Discuss.
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    My planned Platinum Team

    Admittedly, this forum says D, P and BR, but I'm sure platinum teams go here, not in the RBY one. Anyway, my planned team is now complete, and I want to know what to improve. It is an all out offensive team, because ingame CPUs are puny, and walling strategies make me bored :P. Empoleon...
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    Falcon Appocalypse

    This game is based on the well-known fact that two falcon punches colliding creates an explosion similar to 9001 supernovas. Basically, I start by saying: Two falcon punches collide. The next poster copies and pastes my quote, and adds his own bit: Two reverse falcon punches collide. NP...
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    Pokemon Great Adventure RPG

    The Pokémon Great Adventure RPG is a collection of ideas combined into one. The concept: The World: An unnamed world populated only by Pokémon. Only one area, Plain Plains, is uncovered at the start. You may adventure to other places, say north, but I decide what’s there, the discoverer...
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    My Blue team and my Yellow team

    Both games are very old, as is my link cable. Neither games can use the trade function. Neither team is competitive, but I want a team that works fairly well. The HMs can be moved, but I want all 5 to stay in the team. Usefull coments ONLY. Blue Team: Blastoise HM03 Surf Ice beam...