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  1. J

    Battle of [insert original title here] (WARSTORY)

    H'okay, this is my first warstory. I've seen a few, so I think I know how this should go... I didn't plan this battle, it was a random matchup with someone on the Smogon Shoddy server. I asked for my opponent's permission before getting this saved and posted. I am Psychic J.T. on Smogon, and my...
  2. J

    DPPT UU RMT: Raisin' Hell in the Sun

    (Broadway play references ftw) This was pretty much copypasted from my thread on a different site, with a few things edited and changed up. Okay, I was originally going to make an Uber team, until I realized that few people actually battle Ubers. Which sucks, because I wanted to abuse my new...
  3. J

    OU RMT: I suck at this.

    All right, I figure I'll take a shot at this. This is for OU, mostly, and a bit of PBR on the side. Lead Infernape (Ember) @ Focus Sash Blaze / Naive EVs: 64 Atk / 192 Sp.Atk / 252 Spe - Fake Out - Stealth Rock - Fire Blast - Close Combat Ember here isn't done yet, but I'm...