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    Anime/Game Music Face-Off

    Approved By Dramatic Melody (not Medea) Yo What’s everyone! I decided to try make a Anime/Game Music Face-Off. Haven’t seen one here so I wanted to make one for everyone to try and nominate there favorite Anime/Game Music =D Alright let's just get to the main issue of this face-off! . Of...
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    A New Journey and A Promise(PG) (Kenta x Nozomi and Satoshi x Kasumi)

    Okay I did some remakes and fix some stories I have been doing lately. Hope you guys like it. Please put a honest comment but not a rude one. Well enjoy^^ Chapter 1: A New Journey and A Promise It was a normal sunny morning in New Bark Town. Summer has come and everyone is having a...
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    Crossover Ships Claiming Thread 2.0

    (Reapproved by Chelc) Welcome to the brand new Crossover Ships Claiming Thread Everyone^^. The last one kinda died out because some people haven't been claiming for a while but now I brought it back to life^^ R-E-A-D T-H-E R-U-L-E-S!!!!!! Got it Memorized? Good^^ Rules: 1) Please use the...
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    QuestShipping General Discussion Ver.2

    Welcome to the New Questshipping Thread^^. Since The Old Questshipping thread was dieing here, decided to recreate the thread once again. Incase some of you don't know what Questshipping is, Its based on the relationship between Kenta/Jimmy/Yoshi/Gold x Marina/Dani/Kris/Crystal. The...
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    Changes of Heart(PG) Infraredshipping - Mars x Dawn(Hikari)

    Hello everyone^^. This is my first Yuri shipping Story. Hope you guys like. Please be honest about this story. Well Enjoy^^ Edit: Alright I re-edited my story. I like to thank MassivePanda for helping me for this story. Thank You^^ Changes of Heart Chapter 1: Happy Go Lucky Mars After...
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    Winry Rockbell Fan Club

    This club was approved by PsiUmbreon. Welcome to the Winry RockBell Fan Club. Incase you don't know, Winry is one of the characters of Full Metal Alchemist. She's a good friend of the Elric Brothers. and a specialist in automail building and maintainance. Rules 1. No Bashing 2. No Rude...
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    One Piece Fan Club

    Approved by PsiUmbreon Hey welcome to the One Piece Fan Club A club for One Piece Fans. One Piece comes are always on 4Kids.tv and CartoonNetwork Rules: No One Piece bashers. If you bash about the show, you will be reported. No spammimg. If you do spam, you will be reported. No flame wars...
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    Rainbow Island Saga (Advanceshipping and Questshipping, PG)

    Hey what's up you guys! this is my first time posting my story in this thread. I hope you like it! Just to let you know that there will be side stories and some other shipping moments in my story. Chapter 1: Until we meet again A Yoshi/Dani and Ash/May story After Yoshi finished the Hoenn...