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    Infinite Ryvius

    Anyone else seen this anime? I really liked how it focused on character development.
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    first region with pokemarts?

    When ever they show ash transfering a pokemon the building looks like a pokemart to me.
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    will team rocket always wear a disguise?

    In the preview it looks like team rocket is going to wear a disguise all the time.
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    who is the mysterious woman with giovani

    Every time we see giovanni there is a woman next to him. Who do you think this new character is?
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    will zekrom have a connection to ash?

    In the first episode we see zekrom appear in the same places that ash does. Do you think they will have a connection during the series?
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    anyone miss the serious side of TR?

    I miss how they were in the original series where they where given more serious roles in the episodes and movies. In kanto they were really serious when they always had the guns and bombs.
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    beta movie trailers

    When watching these trailers compared to the final trailers it really amazes me how none of the scenes from the beta trailer ever make it in. In the 2nd one it makes lawrence look more evil and the third one made it look like it was going to be about mewtwo and not the unkown. Why do you think...
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    TR JJ & M in the movies

    In the first three movies, jessie james and meowth were apart of the action and storyline and even interacted with ash and co. Starting with movie 4 there involvement was downgraded to just being in the movie and never making a different in the story or interacting with ash and co. Which...
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    new TR admin in anime

    If ash and co do go back to johto next season do you think that the new TR admins from the games will show up?
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    seriousness of JJ & M

    In which season did you find jessie, james and meowth to be the most serious. I thought they were the most serious in kanto where they used weapons and mecha to get what they want. At the start of hoenn and beyond I found them less serious.
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    Cipher in the anime

    Do you think that cipher could ever appear in the anime? If they did ash and co would probably be in the region that pokemon xd takes place in.