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    April 30th: XY070 - Conclusion! Goodra, Somewhere Over the Rainbow!!

    I think that the title means that Goodra has defeated his fear and can move on while on ash's team.
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    Clips from various new epiodes: Florges, Wooper, Goodra backstory? etc

    It is looking like ash will have a fully evolved theme this time. Goodra leaving would make it so ash has to catch two more pokemon and evolve them.
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    Clips from various new epiodes: Florges, Wooper, Goodra backstory? etc

    Why would they get rid of goodra? They have not had ash release a pokemon since lapras.
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    Pokemon Adventures Copyrighted- No more Scanlations

    I think that the original comics were unedited when they were released.
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    4Kids' Yu-Gi-Oh rights terminated; 4Kids sued for fraud

    If 4kids goes down do you think that cw4kids will die?
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    4Kids' Yu-Gi-Oh rights terminated; 4Kids sued for fraud

    The Pokemon Company has been dubbing the pokemon series since the battle frontier season.
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    Infinite Ryvius

    Anyone else seen this anime? I really liked how it focused on character development.
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    first region with pokemarts?

    When ever they show ash transfering a pokemon the building looks like a pokemart to me.
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    Yu Yu Hakusho

    I remember when I watched this show on adult swim action back in 2002.
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    What can be done for Iris?

    I am pretty sure I read somewhere that Iris is the daughter or granddaugter of the 8th gymleader.
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    When should the anime have ended?

    I remember reading somewhere that originally that anime was going to end with johto but they decided to continue after seeing how popular pokemon was.
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    The Anything Regarding Best Wishes [Questions, Theories, etc.] Thread!

    i found a sub were jessie said that pikachu is called a legendary pokemon. Could this be a plot point?
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    will team rocket always wear a disguise?

    In the preview it looks like team rocket is going to wear a disguise all the time.
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    who is the mysterious woman with giovani

    Every time we see giovanni there is a woman next to him. Who do you think this new character is?
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    will zekrom have a connection to ash?

    In the first episode we see zekrom appear in the same places that ash does. Do you think they will have a connection during the series?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if Best Wishes is Team Rocket's final arc

    I really want team rocket to feel like a threat again in this season like they were in the original saga.
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    Pre-Best Wishes Anime Discussion Thread

    I guess this means that Iris was never an anime exclusive character like they said she would be.
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    Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?

    I really hate that they removed the room decorating function and that they removed one day of traveling on the SS Aqua for both ways.
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    anyone miss the serious side of TR?

    I miss how they were in the original series where they where given more serious roles in the episodes and movies. In kanto they were really serious when they always had the guns and bombs.
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    beta movie trailers

    When watching these trailers compared to the final trailers it really amazes me how none of the scenes from the beta trailer ever make it in. In the 2nd one it makes lawrence look more evil and the third one made it look like it was going to be about mewtwo and not the unkown. Why do you think...