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  1. Z

    Have you ever wondered that you were born in wrong country/ in wrong time?

    Have you ever like go in back of your mind and thought: "Wow, majority of people's interests differ than mine" or "wow their mentality is different than mine, like I don't belong here if I was born in xxx country I would meet more friends or be more socially accepted" ? And what would be that...
  2. Z

    Why do people dislike Black and White and Sun and Moon animes?

    I think they're both equally good.
  3. Z

    Are there any series that are for you equal but something( development/detail) pushes that series to be above rest/other series?

    Example: Johto and Kanto are for you equal but Gary being more "jerk-y" in Kanto is what pushed you to like Kanto more.