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  1. Kaasuti

    Help and advice!

    I've just bought two packets of Pokemon cards off of the internet (Dragons Exhaulted, £2.75 each). They are the first i have bought since 2002 (when i was sixteen), so i'm seriously out of date. Here are a few questions i'd like you guys to answer for me. 1. Where in the pack are the holo/rares...
  2. Kaasuti

    Tony Hart

    Not sure if there is a thread for this (i've looked and found nothing) but artist Tony Hart (from surrey) passed away this morning, he used to have many art programmes such as Smart Hart, Vision on,Hartbeat and Take Hart. Here is the link to the story! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7836112.stm...
  3. Kaasuti

    Entertaining your pets.

    Obviously all "good" owners entertain their pets, it's almost natural that a person would want to tease their cats with string or throw balls for their dogs, but there are some people out there that do not care for their pets and often leave them home all day and all night on occasion.. Today...
  4. Kaasuti

    Tinsley cooling towers sheffield

    I searched and couldn't find a thread for this, so i was wondering....did anyone go and see Sheffields iconic cooling towers get knocked down/demolished last night?? I couldn't make it but listened to it on Radio one (they played the final countdown before they fell^^ and i'm still standing when...
  5. Kaasuti

    My sand veil Team

    These are just a small amount if ev'd pokemon i have, so if people suggest other pokes i probably have them ^^,Some of my team is OU but i like to use my favourites! ;445; Nickname:C.Chomp (F) Garchomp/Yache berry Sand veil 4 Def / 252 Atk / 252 speed Adamant -Earthquake -Firefang...
  6. Kaasuti

    Looking for opponents

    Kaasuti - 0774-3068-2999 Standard rules, aka no ubers,hacks or pokesav, sleep,evasion and species clause. No hacks also means no noobs pretending they don't know the pokemon are hacked, look at the information,abilities and whats it's been caught in, it's not that hard.
  7. Kaasuti

    Spanking children

    I was having a good old natter with an old lady at the corner shop today and the subject of badly behaved children/teenagers came up (because of a story line of yet another stabbing on the front page of a newspaper), We both agreed that the government are stupid for not allowing parents to spank...
  8. Kaasuti

    Kaasuti's art

    I've deleted my old thread and decided to start a new one which will have my newest artwork in it.I will update it every few days with random pictures, not all of it will be pokemon related, and obviously compliments and advice are welcome. I have just started to use photoshop for colouring my...
  9. Kaasuti

    Pokemon gender differences

    Now that platinum is has been announced i was thinking about the fact that they should give all pokemon gender differences, I was very disspointed that in diamond and pearl they only gave a small amount of the pokemon differences. So please post your ideas about what differences male and female...
  10. Kaasuti

    Blame the owner or the breed

    Recently i have been hearing alot about dogs attacking people, and people saying that the breed of dog that attacked them should be banned. I think this is obviously people overreacting as usual.The government should bring in a law that people have to pass certain tests before even being...
  11. Kaasuti

    Your pokemon collection!!

    hi this thread is for posting pictures and discussing your pokemon collection!! this is mine, it used to be bigger but alot of it got thrown away when i left my parents house :( http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a84/bassgal666/DSCF3387.jpg...
  12. Kaasuti

    fake pokemon pearl diamond on Ebay

    Already people seem to have faked the games already.....don't buy them... here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/POKEMON-DIAMOND-NDS-Game-NINTENDO-DS-LITE-ENG-Pearl_W0QQitemZ170092762383QQcategoryZ91510QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  13. Kaasuti

    random one

    Does anyone have a link for the original gen 1 sugimori art? i can't find any :( thanks
  14. Kaasuti

    KAASUTIS pokemon art/random art

    Hey this thread is staying up now so... heres a new one of me if i was in the pokemon anime XD and an oldie I am taking requests too :P thanks
  15. Kaasuti


    I used the search thread and nothing came up...so... I have heard Nintendo are not allowing imports.. even though i have pre-ordered mine... anyone else pre-ordering?
  16. Kaasuti

    Wii console numbers

    Share mii's and messages my console number is: 7487 6524 5541 9460 Nickname: kirsty
  17. Kaasuti

    Style of the box

    Well today after seeing the shiny new boxes for diamond and pearl,i decided to start a discussion on which pokemon game old and new has the best art!! Discuss :D!!
  18. Kaasuti

    Diamond and pearl preparation

    There probably is a topic on this but i thought i would make it easy for everyone by making a thread for it,as i have seen posts about it in numerous other threads, so....... what pokemon are you going to trade when diamond and pearl come out? what level pokemon will you be battling...
  19. Kaasuti

    Charizard vs Dusclops advanced generation

    Just watched it now...poor charizard (lizardon) he should have won outright :(...anyone else seen it?;006;