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    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    We will definitely have one 4 year generation since Gen X needs to start in 2026 in order to be 30th anniversary of Pokemon. So either this gen which is imo likely as in arceus game is coming up in jan which means dlcs for that game in entirety of 2022. I really doubt we will see Gen 9 in 2022...
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    October 22nd: PM2019 084 - The Lucarionite! Adventure on Mega Island!!

    Pokemon anime is the best anime, way better than DBZ, Attack on Titan, HxH, Death Note, FMA etc.
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    What are your taboo opinions about the anime?

    1. BW: Ash should lose in Top 8 to Virgil and not Cameron. Bw league should've been better. There should be third Clubplosion tournament in Decolore. Team Plasma arc is good. TR src is good but should be 4 episodes. BW rivals are good. 2.XY XY league is bad and rushed. Greninja bond power up is...
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    Masters Eight Dream Team Thread?

    1. Lance 2.Leon 3.Raihan 4.Cynthia 5.Ash 6. Gen 9 Champion 7.Paul 8. some E4 member.
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    Saddest companion farewell

    i would say dp > os > sm > ag > xy > bw
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    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    infernape naganadel if its hoenn league pikachu if its bf pikachu then him koko, if its bf regirock, if dp regirock is stronger than bf regirock than regirock but if koko uses z move then him koko and incineroar if gets tough one can use z move then its gg excadrill maybe dragonite but...
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    The end of an era or the end?

    i feel like there are 1000 threads on this topic... anyway i think ash and pikachu will continue, pikachu is a mascot and i don't see person b with pikachu except ash.
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    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    Prob charizard Snorlax Bouffalant Idk
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    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    Ag Idk If it is jn 13 pikachu then ash If its incineriar with inferno overdrive then mcx if its incinum z i can see incineroar winning Idk Charizars
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    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    maybe johto ash( his best mons) maybe paul mewtwo alain idk maybe bw ash sceptile malva it depends on what it is full battle, 1 on 1, 2v2 ? it can go either way alain lucario wulfric idk maybe wulfric wulfric kiawe probably still kiawe
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    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    This is by ashes so journeys ash if its about pokemon then journeysbhave pikachu who at prime is stronger than sm pikachu so he can gigamantax, without pikachu dp team wins Probably bw Goh Alola Probably sawyer Probably journeys pikashinium.but if it weaker than alolas level of same.move...
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    Anyone else finds it funny how we got 4 controversial Leagues in a row?

    sinnoh and alola are most tame, kalos and unova are worst. sinnoh only tobias alola only lacked full battles and requirements unova: lack of battles, ash vs cameron, axew gets lost kalos: furfrou guy, lack of battles, blast burn, alain gary stu
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    Next Hyper class opponents?

    paul this is what i hope bea rank 31st: ash wins final pokemon are grapploct vs lucario(mega) maybe ash is rank 22nd after that paul rank 20th: ash wins ( i doubt ash will lose to paul) ash is rank 16th after that) after this maybe 1 or two more battles until ash is Top 8. maybe brandon...
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    The Future of Pokemon Anime after PM2019? (aka Gen 9 Anime Speculation Thread)

    we are definitely getting gen 9 just we don't know if its next year or in 2023. i think we may get dlc for arceus in late 2022, so i would say gen 9 in 2023. don't forget that shsw was in november 2019 and first dlc came out in june 2020 which is 7 months later. arceus game comes out in late...
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    The Future of the World Championships

    i think ash will use reserves once he reaches masters 8, till dat his jn team, i think maybe bea is next
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    Legends: Arceus Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    well player is probably inside that that "backpack" which is part of Pokemon or maybe player is left of Pokemon like hooked on that thing since player is in color. so i am only thinking hisuian nuzleaf, new evolution of nuzleaf( split evo with Shiftry) or new pokemon.
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    Legends: Arceus Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    my two cents that middle pokemon between braviary and wyrdeer looks like clembot with a backpack. or maybe that's us with different style/outfit that yellow thing below is maybe some sort of attack done by pokemon, if not i think its electric mythical pokemon. it looks mythical.
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    Legends: Arceus Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    in picture above, middle between wyrdeer and Braviary who is that? clembot from anime?
  20. Z

    Best Villainous Team

    team rocket, they still work while other team either ded or disbanded