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  1. FireTrainer92

    Your Own Personal Game Canon?

    I am curious to know what is everyone's head-canon playthrough throughout the series? For example. I have two different continuities. 1st and 2nd Gen are their own Continuity. Red is the protagonist from 1st Gen and uses the team he has when you face him in 2nd Gen and does all of...
  2. FireTrainer92

    The Renegade Ranger Version 2.0 PG-13

    Ok, I've been debating on posting my FULL re-write of this Fan Fiction for the 1st installment of Pokemon Ranger series for the longest. I've had it sitting here on my computer for 4 years now and its about time I get to posting here it is my final re-write if Renegade Ranger. Now it is a bit...
  3. FireTrainer92

    Sleeping Forest

    Accepting members Sleeping Forest ” The tree branches reach around and up to the sky... The leaves crowd together and swallow all light, The forest grows darker and darker, and then... The man in the forest might think that he is safe... That hunter doesn't hear the bearing of teeth...
  4. FireTrainer92

    Realease of Royalty

    Release of Royalty By FireTrainer92 Prelude: Tuesday November 23, 2007 Agent: Linksys Status: Pending….. Okay. I have been hiding the last couple of days in a remote location in Kanto studying ruins. The “Kings” of Poke mythology are, in fact, not...
  5. FireTrainer92

    Storm Kings

    Storm Kings~Accepting members Not leader anymore Kthnx
  6. FireTrainer92

    Storm Kings

    Storm Kings-Still Recruiting!!!! Welcome to the Storm Kings "We are the Storm Kings. We will rule the competitive battling field with an Iron fist. Everyone wants to touch the sky. We are the only ones who can do it. Like a Storm, we'll sweep up everything in our path to reach the Sky. We...
  7. FireTrainer92

    Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged series

    Has anyone seen the Yu-Gi-Oh abridged series? What do you think about it if you know about it. I think its funny.
  8. FireTrainer92

    Pokemon: Schwarzwind Preview

    This is a preview for my upcoming fic. “Typhlooooo!” He roared with tremendous volume and the flame on his navy back erupted furiously. Typhlosion made a couple of warm up gestures to get his self ready for the oncoming battle. “Oh really,” Akira yelled from a distance. He got a pokeball...
  9. FireTrainer92

    Renegade Rangger Preview

    This is a commercial/Prview of my new fic. “You know you can’t own pokémon. It’s out of its habitat,” Spenser stated firmly. Feeling myself grow even more defensive, I protested, “I’ve had this pokémon since I was eleven!” “So you’ll have to release it!” he reinforced “NO!” I was...
  10. FireTrainer92

    Battle scene

    I need help making a battle scene I'm doing and I want to know how it should work
  11. FireTrainer92

    Help my sinnoh pokemon

    hellooo. i'm having problems with leafeon, Floatzel, and Staraptor. I need movesets for the three. I kinda have a clue to Starator but I could you your ideas
  12. FireTrainer92

    Renegade Ranger (Rewritten) PG

    Okay I rushed the first chapter because somebody had my Idea I'd been working on for 5 months so this edited version should be better. Kudos Chibi Pika for editing Introduction: Rangers protect, serve, and help people and pokémon alike. They use pokémon in their quest by capturing them...
  13. FireTrainer92

    Pre order

    Yesterday I preordered DP. The third pokemon game I've preordered. I was wondering how many games you preordered. I've done Ruby, FireRed and Diamond
  14. FireTrainer92

    What makes a good trainer?

    What really makes a good trainer? I think that a good trainer has a good team and is very tolerent. They should also be very strong and knows everything there is to know about pokemon what do you think. ;157; FT92
  15. FireTrainer92


    I need a moveset for him can you help me out please?
  16. FireTrainer92

    The Renegade Ranger(PG)

    This fic is rated PG for violence and some language The Renegade Ranger Prologue: Rangers protect, serve, and help people and pokemon alike. They use pokemon in their quest by capturing them using a...
  17. FireTrainer92


    I was wondering. Do you have any rivials on serebii pokemon wise.Thunderpkmn is mine. When DP comes out in america, I'm getting Diamond he's getting pearl. I'm picking the fire starter, he's picking the grass
  18. FireTrainer92

    National Dex

    Before I get the game I want to know how do you get the National Dex?
  19. FireTrainer92

    Fan-fic Rpg

    I want to make a RPG based on my Fan fic how do I go about making it.
  20. FireTrainer92

    Fire Pokemon of The Year

    Hello and welcome to the Fire pokemon of the year awards. Here vote for your favorite fire pokemon and wait until October 1,2006 for the results. Post for who you'll think will win