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    Which Legendary Pairs Are Better?

    So in the Poll above which pair do you think looks cooler, stronger, and so on.
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    Pokemon Black: Random Matchup Team (Wi-Fi)

    1.Rotom(W)@Choice Scarf Ability:Levitate Nature:Timid EV's:4HP/252SpAtk/252Spd Role:Lead -Trick -Hyro Pump -Volt Switch -Thunderwave 2.Staraptor@Choice Band Ability:Intimidate Nature:Adamant EV's:4HP/252Atk/252Spd Role:Sweeper -Brave Bird -Close Combat -Return -U-Turn...
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    Which Move Is Better?

    In your opinion which move do you think is more reliable/better. Also please state a reason why you think it is.
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    Pokemon Black 2: Planned Team

    Since I have seen some people doing this so im gonna assemble my team. Even though this seems way to early to think about but this should you give an idea or something. 1.Samurott@Muscle Band Ability:Shell Armor Nature:Adamant Timid (rocky505) -X-Scissor Ice Beam (rocky505) -Waterfall...
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    Best Dragon Type Pokemon

    Out of all the listed above what Dragon type Pokemon do you think is your favorite/best for you.
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    Pokemon Platinum: My Team

    Ok well this is my team for In-Game. 1.Infernape@Muscle Band Ability:Blaze Nature:Jolly -Flare Blitz -Close Combat -Stone Edge -Swords Dance 2.Machamp@Muscle Band Ability:No Guard Nature:Adamant -Dynamic Punch -Ice Punch -Bullet Punch -Payback 3.Alakazam@Wise Glassses...
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    My Battle Subway Team

    Ok so here is the Battle Subway team im planning to have. 1.Uxie@Choice Scarf Ability:Levitate Nature:Bold EV's:252HP/16Spd/240Def Role:Lead -Trick -Thunderwave -Flash -Memento 2.Dragonite@Leftovers Abililty:Multiscale Nature:Adamant EV's:204HP/254Atk/20Def/28SpDef/4Spd...
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    Heartgold:~NEW~ Battle Tower Team

    Heartgold:Battle Tower Team I know I just rescently had a BT team up. But i have decided to use this team instead. Also im currently working on breeding and so im not gonna bother with the IV's, even though I know they are important. Ill post them in near future. 1.Uxie@Choice Scarf...
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    Most Threatening or Frightening Team?

    So who do you think is more threatening or frightening out of all the teams, Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, Team Plasma? To be quite honest im not really sure which to pick.
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    Is Bodybuilding and playing Pokemon weird, lol.
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    Volkner vs Flint?

    Who do you think would be surperior? And I mean now not when they were kids cause they both beat each other when they were kids.
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    Toughest Gym Leader

    Who was the toughest/hardest gym leader for you to beat. Mine would be Whitney I always hated that Miltank.
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    Favorite Spot to Train?

    What is your favorite spot to train in Heartgold or Soulsilver.
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    Re-Rate My Heartgold Team?

    Feraligatr@Muscle Band Nature:Adamant -Surf -Ice Fang -Earthquake -Swords Dance Surf cause of STAB and it has good accuracy along with good base power. Now I would use Ice Punch instead of Ice Fang but it requires 48BP for Battle Frontier but don't know a good team for Battle Frontier, so...