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    My Rain Team

    I'm fairly new to competitive battling, and this is my first rain team. So, here we go! Politoed (M) @ Leftovers Trait: Drizzle EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Bold Nature (+Def -Atk) -Hydro Pump -Hypnosis -Protect -Ice Beam My lead. Using a defensive set so that it can provide rain...
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    Which one is the best dub opening?

    There would've been threads like this before, but since I only joined in January, I didn't get any opportunity to know what people think. But I will now. :) And I did search, there was no thread like this as far as I'm concerned. I personally think Battle Frontier is the best though its...
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    Which Pokemon should have a evolution/pre-evolution in the next generation(s)

    The title sugests it. Which pokemon should have a evolution or pre-evolution in the next generation(s). Rules: All SPPf rules apply Please do not suggest a evolution/pre-evolution for a pokemon which already has two stages of evolution. (Example: Charmander) Description of the Method for...
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    Create Your Attacks Here

    As I looked at the Create your anything thread, maximum posts were about attacks. So, I decided to create this thread and I personally wanted to create one too. So, create all of your attacks here. The attacks should have: Type Base power Description & effect Accuracy Contest type...
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    The 'New Rival' for Ash Thread

    Since the discussion of Ash's new major rival for the league is spreading in many threads, I made this one for the rival. Discuss about his/her gender and speculate about his/her pokemon. I'll not speculate his/her pokemon now, but I think she should be a girl.
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    The title for the next 'season' and when will it start?

    Okay, here it is. It all started with 'Pokemon: Indigo league', than 'Pokemon: Orange Islands', than 'The Johto Journeys', 'Johto League Champions', 'Master Quest', 'Pokemon Advanced', 'Pokemon Advanced Challenge', 'Pokemon Advanced Battle', 'Pokemon Battle Frontier' and now, 'Pokemon Diamond...
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    I need some help...

    Hello, this is Seraphen. I never tried to say hello in this forum when I joined (January). But now, hello again to everyone. The main purpose of this thread is, I am having trouble to understand the concept of User ranks. I have read the Newbie Help & FAQ thread but I need to understand...