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    Tate my white team help plz

    Iv been trying to set up a team for the random match up free mode on wifi and im now 3 wins and 36 looses and its starting to get frustrating and p.....g me off. I have all thse with flawless ivs and still cant win so im wanting help and what to change or on which pokemon to get and ev train to...
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    My white team

    Here is my first ever white or my level 100 pokemon for wifi battles. Im new to all this so help really wanted dont no much about battling or what helps n what doesnt so all help and advice wanted. Zebstrike, motordrive, adamant Discharge Thunderbolt Flame charge Stomp Ivs-...
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    How to get flawless, near flawless pokemon

    I think this might be in the wrong place but all the writings pretty small on my iphone. Iv been looking into flawless and near flawless pokemon recently as i fancy trying to do some. First i just need how to you get flawless/ near flawless pokemon. Do you catch the pokemon with the perfect...
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    Trading from platinum to white/black 2

    Iv completed my platinum and have alot of shinies and legendaries on it but im going to get white or black 2 again and possibly another ds. Is there anyway i could trade them over from my platinum to black or white 2 if i got another ds or would it be a waste of time and alot of messing about?
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    Help and advice on shinie terms and catching

    Can anybody help please im new to this shinie hunting and the terms of words. Whats a badge quest? MMing? How do you soft reset? All my pokemon games are on a r4 card but the cheats are turned of is it a bad thing having them on a r4 card? All other advice and help needed Currently wanting to...
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    Hi newbie to forum but not to pokemon

    Hi all As title says im new to the forum but been watching and playing the games since i was a youngen. Joined the forum to meet and talk to others who enjoy pokemon as not many people i no play or watch it :-/. I will probably be asking alot of questions and slso wouldnt mind a few trades...