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    How narcissistic are you?

    First, take this 40 question personality quiz based on determining how narcissistic you are as an individual. Post results here. Either type it out, or link a picture. http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h437/yunoguy/sheiiit.png For an ugly **** I sure do think highly of myself.
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    who would you save

    who would you save
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    do you like this thread

    i need 2 know
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    (MTG Standard 2012) Black/Blue Zombies

    I think I did the title right. I totally just found this section. I've always ran Red or Red/Black burn decks and after finding my first Grave Titan, I've decided to create a Standard Zombies/Tokens deck for Friday Night Magic and to play with my friends. Creature (24) 4x Diregraf Ghoul...
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    What's your favorite vegetable

    this is srs poll
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    Devolution of the Human Race

    I just watched Idiocracy again today, and it got me to thinking: Are we steadily becoming a less intelligent society as humans? Factors such as medical advancements that keep the population increasing and diluting the intellectuals in our world suggests that it could in the mid to far future...
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    Sigh, Microsoft

    So, apparently Microsoft is working on a new console for expected release in 2012-2013. Discuss. Also, don't mind the date mentioned under the title (March 13, 2007?), I do not know why that's there. READ: The article was made in 2007, due to rumors. However, instead of creating a brand new...
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    Why hello there

    Hey guys, new to the forums, been on serebii.net almost daily since around '07. Not new to the Pokémon scene, been playing since 2000. I'll be 15 in June, but no worries, I'm a mature guy. Current versions owned: Red, Gold, Silver, Crystal, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, Platinum...