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  1. Rune Knight

    Does the Actual Pokémon World Have an Actual National Pokédex?

    Lore-wise, do the inhabitants of the Pokémon World hold a record of every discovered Pokémon as we do? For example, do they hold Bulbasaur as the first Pokémon within the international database and so and so forth, and how exactly would that work? That is assuming that they have the same...
  2. Rune Knight

    What if Other Pokémon Types were Given HMs?

    Originally, Hidden Moves were implemented to allow the player to interact in the field and bypass obstacles outside of battle. As of Generation 7, they have been modified to become virtually non existent through the implementation of new mechanics such as Ride Pokémon and the Rotom Bike. Only...
  3. Rune Knight

    Which Versions of the Games is Ash Playing?

    Just for fun. Based on a number of tropes and variables, which versions of the games best correspond to Ash's adventure? Of course this will mainly be my take on the topic, but feel free to share your own and do other characters as well. With that said, here is my list: Kanto (OS) - Yellow...
  4. Rune Knight

    Theory: Difference Between Catching and Caging Pokémon (At Least in the Anime)

    Hello. Before anything I would like to disclose this will be mostly speculative and should not be taken too seriously, and merely meant to be a fun discussion. Cool? Cool. So I have noticed that generally within the Pokémon Community a lot of people tend to associate owning and capturing...
  5. Rune Knight

    Theory: Attempting to Make Sense of How Time Works in the Anime

    Hello. Before anything, I would just like to disclaim that this is purely meant to just be for the sake of fun and not to be taken seriously. Anything I say within my portion of the thread is simply speculation and should be left just at that. Good? Good. So, I am sure that many of us have...
  6. Rune Knight

    Theory: Which Legendaries / Mythicals Are / Are Not The Same?

    Hello. This is just for the sake of fun discussion and speculation. We have seen many legendaries and mythicals re-appear time and time again throughout the series. Most definitive sources tend to label them as separate entities, suggesting that there is more than one member within their...
  7. Rune Knight

    What if each series had original names?

    This is just for fun, and not meant to knock on the anime in any way. Personally, I always found the idea of labeling each iteration of the show after their respective games to be a little too un-appealing for my taste. The times that they refrained from doing so worked really well from a...
  8. Rune Knight

    Assigning a Movie to Every Pokémon Type

    As usual, just for fun. What if you could assign a random movie to each individual Pokémon Type based on its plot, tone or any other related factor? Here is my personal list. Feel free to re-use movies that I or other people have already stated. Feel free to use this template as well.
  9. Rune Knight

    Pokémon Model Sheets

    Hey guys. I like doing 3D modeling as a hobby, though I haven't been as into lately but as of recently I have started playing around with it once again. I studied this subject in college along with design, rigging, animation and other ventures involved in the field, though my favorite topic...
  10. Rune Knight

    Explaining Battling and Experience in the Pokémon Anime

    Hello friends. I've been to meaning to share my thoughts on this subject for a while. Since I'm posting it, it likely means that finally got around to do it. Keep in mind that this is purely based on speculation, and should not be taken as factual. It's just a result of being bored out of my...
  11. Rune Knight

    Associating Countries to Pokémon Types

    What if every Pokémon type had a country associated to it? There are 195 to choose from, but for my personal list I'll only be associating 1 per type since I'm no geography expert and don't know every country. Feel free to share your own.
  12. Rune Knight

    What is the prominence of each generation during each generation?

    Like, how much emphasis goes into each generation throughout each generation in terms of the Games, Anime, TCG, Manga, and overall? I'm mostly familiar with the games and the anime and here's how I see it in numerical and respective order. I'm curious to see if my perspective differs from...
  13. Rune Knight

    What if there was a Generation before Kanto?

    I have been wanting to make this thread for a while. Once again, I apologize if this is the wrong section for this, feel free to move it if so or delete entirely if needed. Nonetheless, I hope it is not a problem. Most of you are probably scratching your heads right now. "How would there be a...
  14. Rune Knight

    Debunking the Pokémon Types for Fun

    What if pokémon types strengths and weaknesses were reversed using ludicrous but somewhat logical reasoning? Here are a branch of examples: 1) Fire should be strong against Water because heat makes water evaporate! 2) Fighting should be strong against Ghost because ghosts aren't real! 3)...
  15. Rune Knight

    Other Gyms in the Anime

    Hello and Happy New Year! I wanted to make a thread like this for a while but never got around to it due to sheer laziness. Also, I'm not sure if this is the right section or if anyone has ever made a thread like this before so please excuse my ignorance if either is the case. It has been...
  16. Rune Knight

    Theory: All Pokémon Types are Connected

    This is merely fun speculation so don't take it too seriously. I have designed a chart that maps how I believe every pokémon type is connected and will provide context as it goes along. [/SPOILER][/SPOILER] That is my grand theory. Feel free to tell me if you agree or not or how you...
  17. Rune Knight

    Pokémon that are not from the Regions that they were Introduced in.

    This is a list of pokémon that I believe to not be native to the region that they were introduced in. Also this is subject to the current state / generation of the franchise. I also included a list of rules that I believe to be universal when considering my list. Feel free to share your...
  18. Rune Knight

    There is an Impostor Among Us

  19. Rune Knight

    How many years do you think that generation 8 will last?

    (JP) Generation 1: February 27, 1996 - November 21, 1999 (3 years and 267 days). (EN) Generation 1: September 28, 1998 - October 15, 2000 (2 years and 17 days). (JP) Generation 2: November 21, 1999 - November 21, 2002 (3 years and 0 days). (EN) Generation 2: October 15, 2000 - March 19, 2003...
  20. Rune Knight

    PM 2019: Pokémon That Have / Have Yet To Appear Based On The Poster

    Most if not every pokémon that was teased in a previous series poster eventually appeared in an episode. The poster for PM 2019 features a variety of pokémon from every generation, some which have already been featured in some way or have yet to make their appearance. This is a list that...