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    SPPF's Claim-A-Bishie thread

    Angel Beats! [Kanade Tachibana] belongs to A.U.
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    Claim Your Favorite Anime Song - Version 4.0 *RESTART*

    my soul your beats! claimed by a.u. angel beats! opening theme
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    Anime of the Year - 2010

    wow so what won?.... probably that garterbelt one -_- imo it doesnt even look good
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    thanks for the trade

    thanks for the trade
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    Animé Characters you Hate

    I hate light yagami >..>
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    im ready when you are

    im ready when you are
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    Anime of the Year - 2010

    Angel Beats! its simply amazing. you has to watch it.
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    Your Top Ten Animes.

    1. Higurashi 2. Umineko 3. Death Note 4. K-ON 5. DMC 6. FML 7. DBZ 8. Chobits 9. Cardcaptor Sakura 10. Rosario + Vampire
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    im waiting in wi-fi

    im waiting in wi-fi
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    What if you had to quit pokemon?

    theres always an alternative.......final fantasy xD :p but really if there was a law i wouldnt mind it ahah. but thatll be added to dumbest laws of all time
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    hey i have a darkrai.. you willing to trade for your deoxys?

    hey i have a darkrai.. you willing to trade for your deoxys?
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    Would you use a machine that can transport you to an alternate anime universe?

    i would love to be in a higurashi universe xD even if parallel universes exist and rika was teh one doing everything. i would probably be her best friend :p but other than that avatar...seems like funss
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    okay im waiting for you. i dont see you?

    okay im waiting for you. i dont see you?
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    Relationships - BFs/GFs/crushes

    ^^i agree with that lolz
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    Cyber bullying & Suicide

    smh @ people bullying other people on a Cyber bullying & suicide thread
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    Death Note Anyone??

    you need to watch more. thats not what its about. thats just the shimigamis
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    Death Note Anyone??

    well i saw the anime first i thought it was great. but then i heard they left out soooo much from the manga it was like wow. imo....i think Light deserved to die xD i loved it tho one of my best animes ive ever seen
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    What keeps you interested in Pokemon?

    just that its an rpg game... i simply like them
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    Does anyone ever play 1st generation games anymore?

    i play red on my ti-89 calculator aha cuz im bored -_-
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    Death Note Thread- WARNING: SPOILERS

    I effin love death note!!! imo i think Light is a dumbass tho. im just saying. alot of my friends say oh its all misa's fault but like she really did nothing :/ Light is a crazy sob tho. i was hoping he would die xD