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    The Hard Times Of Rj Berger

    Airing on MTV, its a comedy series focusing on an unpopular kid who has two friends, one which is sexually attracted to him (its a girl lmao), and his best buddy. He loves a popular girl which causes riots between him and the "jocks" Funny as hell. You a fan? Discuss on the new episodes and your...
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    A.B.D.C (Season 6)

    As we all know Season six has shown its head and aired on MTV once again. America's Best Dance Crew. Its the Celebrity edition and every week songs by chosen Artists...yes, including Justin Bieber, will play for them to dance to >.< * 787 Crew (San Juan, PR) * Eclectic Gentlemen (North...
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    Tower Prep - Discussion

    Well Tower Prep is a new Mystery Series that aired on CN..The first season is finished and i have found myself addicted to the show, its just that interesting..personally i think if the show was on MTV or something, it would have more hits but if you actually you watch it, you'd love it. So...
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    ☠ ☮Pop-Punk Music xXx

    So Pop punk bands have been rising on the charts lately..fan of any? Maybe it be All time low, Boys like girls, Metro Station, The Maine, We the kings, Cute is what we aim for, Hey Monday?? what ever it be discuss the styles, songs and bands right here on this thread :]
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    Regular Show..Its anything but..

    Ok so its this new series that recently aired itself on Cartoon Network..I've created this thread so you all can, you know, Share your on views on the show. Likes or Dislikes, just pour 'em on this thread.
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    Favorite Lyrics in a song?

    There are some songs out there with lyrics that capture you, have you any to share? After you write your favorite lyric from a song, you can write the Author or Band that sang it.