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    Riolu with 5iv with UltraBall

    I am looking for Riolu 5iv with UltraBall (Jolly if possible) I am giving it away Rufflet 5iv Jolly PM for receive code UPDATE: Trade Completed
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    Trading Solgaleo for Lunala

    Alright, I have an event Pokemon a Shiny Solgaleo. Nature isn't set yet unless you want me to. I want to have a shiny Lunala. So anyone has an extra Lunala and don't have nature set yet, please let me know right away before the deadline. I am giving away one code. Code is from US.
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    Pokecheck problem ISP

    Hi, I need help. I went to Pokecheck to trying to upload my Pokemon and it doesn't show up. First, I already got the right DNS numbers. Second, I went to GTS to go online and enter to offer of my Pokemon. When I did, it auto accept not error one like "Pokemon can't be trade". I went to use...
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    Hi, everyone! I am new here and I hope I can get along with you guys. ^_^ I like to play Pokemon games and drawing Buizel one of my favorite Pokemon in my sketchbook.