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    The FEAR clan

    IGN(In game name):White 4th Gen FC: 4597 4420 7245 5th gen FC: 3654 5641 4151 PO Username: N/A Fav dark pokémon: Darkrai something about you: I an beat anybody in my school at Pokemon White did someone reccomend this clan to you? if so who?: misty135 timezone?: US Central Rate yourself...
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    Around the World with 80 Lillipups Trade Center

    I have practically every legendary except hoenn legendaries Pm me if you want to trade
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    Dari's Bred Pkmn Shop

    I will give you a charizard for a torchic
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    The Shop of Your (pokemon's) Dreams

    i have a event mew, a event v create victini, a diagla and palkia. pm me if interested .
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    Little Breeding Shop

    I have a Golem it is not Shiny. If interested PM me
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    Cool's Cool Shop

    have a reshiram, jirachi, mew, arceus, mewtwo,dialga, and many other legends if interested please PM me
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    Vest's Trade Shop

    I have the event mew, event jirachi, and event reshiram. i am willing to trade these for a good offer.
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    Dzum101's Trade Shop

    hi im new to this forum and i was wondering. Does DWF mean any Dreamworld female?
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    The cheese shop.

    I have a movie Victini. If you want it make me an offer. I am a battler and collector so i like strong or rare pokemon.
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    Raticate's Mouse House

    I have a lv. 20 houndour. i think this what you are looking for. if you are please PM me.
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    Toxicated92 Trade Shop

    i really need you EV train my charmader lv. 5 to a charizard. if you can, please send me a P M
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    KiltedTrainer and Miss Wolveram's Trade Boutique

    im am interested in your shiny larvesta. i will trade a level 47 tangela for it. if interested please reply. thanks