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    Is Chivalry dead?

    Many years ago, I first read legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and it started a lifelong obsession with knighthood. Now it's pretty hard to be a knight as a kid when Santa always forgets to bring you a pony for Christmas, when you live in a republic and can't get an...
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    Paths of Time

    Can a hero of the past save the future from itself? Theophan Heimdall, a 9 year-old boy afflicted with blindness, is given a second chance at sight through his telepathic connection to the mysterious Gastly "Hyxa". But helplessly witnessing the violent capture of Mew sets...
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    The gymleaders (anime only - this is the anime forum :/)

    This thread is for your commentary on any of the 36 gymleaders (you can even add the 7 frontier brains to that total if you so wish, making it 43); those you like, those you hate, and those that you think are just messed up!