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    Free domain !!!

    OK, well I have decided I am very,very bored today, so let's get straight to the good stuff :) I have decided to register a domain name for the first person to post with a valid site. Domain will be registered at http://triple.com. So what to do: Post here with the domain you want...
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    Will Serebii be updating vBulletin?

    Just a curiosity point for Joe, will you be upgrading to vB 3.7. Personally I reckon you shoudln't, seems like a bloated release with to many unnecessary features that would slow this place down more but...meh. For those who don't know, vBulletin is the forum software Serebii run on, and the...
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    Article Writers Wanted

    I am looking for good writers who can contribute to a Wiki. We need very good and very detailed articles. If you are willing to write articles, please email me at: webmaster@pokebay.net and I wil get back to you soon. If you have any questions, please post here. Thanks, BP
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    Wireless Adapter

    What is the screen for when you insert a Wireless Adapter into a GBA and tur on the power, when no game cartridge is inserted? Is it for downloading demos or something? Thanks. BP
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    Forum Logging in help

    Well, I have spent the last month or two developing my forum. It runs on MyBB 1.2.9. Now, when my admin tries to log in it says: "You have successfuly logged in, you will now be redirected" etc. Then it redirects him, but it doesn't recognize him as logged in, as the Username and Password...
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    Is HostMonster a good host?

    OK, I have a medium sized site, a MyBB forum, and a very limited budget. Does anyone know how good Hostmonster is? It gives me a free domain, a low cost and everything I need + more. But is it reputable? There are good reviews on it, but I want to see who else has hade experience with them...
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    Vista for DS (like anyone cares)

    I had a Vista skin for my PC, so I thought, why not for my DS? Here's the image template I screenshotted on an emulator: Here are some screens of it on my DS (sorry about the poor quality): Of the main menu ^^ Of me about to load Mario Kart ^^ I just thought it was...
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    Make your XP look like Vista!!!

    OK, so you have Windows XP, and you want to upgrade to Vista, but don't have the money/time to do it. Just download a simple pack, install it, and your PC will look exactly like Vista!!! The start menu, desktop and icons all look the same. You can download it here...
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    have manaphy, want ditto

    I have a level 1, just hatched Manaphy (untouched), and want a ditto of any level..NOW manaphy is cloned Post here if youre interested
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    Pal Park Help

    At first I thought this was my internal battery in emerald run dry, but its not. Twice I have used pal park on my emerald version to my pearl version, and it has now been 3 days, and it still says a full day hasn't yet passed. Anyone know whats going on? BP
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    Shiny's Going Cheap!!!

    I have A LOT of legit shinies, some have Pokerus, some don't, I'm not going to check when I trade. All are cloned, some are exceedingly rare. 1. Celebi (lvl 70) - my rarest, obtained from a beta test for JAA Wonderspot, relatively good stats Wanted: Lvl 100 Dialga or any D/P shinies. 2...
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    Several Pokemon NEEDED

    I need strong: Fire Type (preferably infernape) Electric Type Grass Type You need to be able to trade in about an hour. You will get these back, I just need to beat the E4, for collateral, you can get: Azelf Uxie Palkia all are level 50. The Pokemon you trade MUST be over...
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    Can't beat the E4 - help

    need strong: Fire Type (preferably infernape) Electric Type Grass Type You need to be able to trade in about an hour. You will get these back, I just need to beat the E4, for collateral, you can get: Azelf Uxie Palkia all are level 50. The Pokemon you trade MUST be over...
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    Rare or Strong Pokemon Wanted

    Current Pearl Status: I just caught Palkia, and I want to beat the E4 tonight, don't think I'm strong enough. I'm over at my grandparents place and don't have access to Wifi I don't care if they are hacked or not, I want: Arceus Shaymin Spiritomb (need this, don't have access to...
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    Hex Genius Needed

    Well, the other day my brother deleted my save file for Zelda Twilight Princess and I found a backup online that was similar, however the annoying thing is that the player name is "Wii Save" (in hex I think its 57 69 69 53 61 76 65) and I want to change it to "Dredgy" (44 72 65 64 67 79) The...
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    2 questions

    The first one probably blongs in Webmasters, but I can't be bothered to make 2 threads. I want to buy a domain name (permanently, not on a plan). Where's a good place to buy them (no annual/monthly fees etc.) and is there a good way to get a vague idea on how much their price will rise in the...
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    My Fusions

    I just want to know what my fusions are though of, they are far from the best, I know, but hopefully people still like them (Rate out of ten) EDIT: An egg-celent sprite This guy was probably the most complex fusion I've ever done, so it turned out weird, but I like it I love this...
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    Wii USB Support

    What does the USB ports on the Wii actually allow? I've tried a mouse and even a printer (like that was going to work) But what does it support> Thanks, BP
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    The Sprite Stall

    Welcome to the sprite stall. All requests are welcome. Rules 1. SPPf Rules 2. No pushing for request to be done 3. Use forms, or requests will be ignored 4. No spamming 5. Do not ask to work here PM me if you want to work here with examples 6. Only 2 requests at a time unless you have...
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    File Extensions

    Now, I have been doing so much programming, imagework, video work and other stuff on computers, I can not get file extensions out of my head! I am serious, so I thought posting them here might help me stop thinking about them, though I may get an infraction for spamming. Also, if anyone wants...