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  1. DarkAssasen

    LF HA Rowlet and Pincurchin

    Hello everyone I'm looking for a HA Rowlet and Pincurchin, IVs, nature and gender don't matter. However they need to be in a Pokeball. I have every single breedable HA Pokemon available except the 2 I listed, as well as sword exclusives so please pm me for offers!
  2. DarkAssasen

    LF: Shield Fossils

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to finish my dex and have caught everything in Sword that I can so im in need of some Sheild only things. LF: Fossilized fish x2 Fossilized drake x2 I can trade anything not on the list that is breedable, including Sword exclusive items and Pokemon. I also have the...
  3. DarkAssasen

    The Black Light League and The White Shadow League

    EeveeLover512 IGN: Kaitlyn Friend Code: 3625-9514-9431 Badge: The Crawler Badge Grass: Unitedhero123 IGN: TC Friend Code: 1907-9293-3929 Badge: The Leaf Badge Water: X-Lucario IGN: Matt Friend Code: 1461-6314-5371 Badge: The Tide Badge Steel: scrap_lord IGN: Quin Friend Code...