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    Is Nuclear Power the Way?

    I recently had an actual debate on this topic (which I'm glad to say my team one; we were on the negative side) and it got me thinking a lot about nuclear power. The issue is perhaps not so topical over in the USA as you already indulge in nuclear energy, but over on countries such as Australia...
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    Australia Says Sorry.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080213/ap_on_re_au_an/australia_aborigines;_ylt=AumFqFkxk8SAP8_52LAvV1hvaA8F In short, Australia has officially apologised for actions made some 80 or so years ago concerning the indigenous peoples, Aborigines. This is something that previous governments have...
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    Hmm. What's a good title?

    Well, here's my team... again xP. Third time lucky, aye? The two major questions which I really need answering is IP or TP on Metagross and Gilscor or Skarmory (standard Skarmory). PorygonZ|Modest|Adaptibility @ Choice Scarf - Thunderbolt - Ice Beam - Tri Attack - Dark Pulse EVs: HP...
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    Numero Deux.

    Second shot at team. Fixed a few things: PorygonZ|Modest|Adaptibility @ Choice Scarf - Thunderbolt - Ice Beam - Tri Attack - Dark Pulse EVs: HP: 4/Sp Atk: 252/Spd: 252 Opener. Standard Choice Scarf PorygonZ. Like it because I think it is a good opener w/ Adaptibility and Tri Attack...
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    A Conquistador Production: RMT

    PorygonZ|Modest|Adaptive @ Choice Scarf - Thunderbolt - Ice Beam - Tri Attack - Dark Pulse EVs: HP: 4/Sp Atk: 252/Spd: 252 Standard CS PorygonZ. Not much to say. Opener, BoltBeamer with Tri-Attack w/ Adaptibility and Dark Pulse for extra type coverage. Starmie|Modest|Natural Cure...
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    A question about Reversal, Substitute and Choice Band...

    Eesh, it's been so long since I've asked such noobish questions... sigh. I would've posted this on the D/P section but I think it's still in lockdown, lol. Well, here are my questions: 1. Does Substitute always go first regardless of the Speed of either Pokemon? I know that that...
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    Question on Reversal.

    Simple question: Is the power/damage inflicted effected at all by the attack stat, or is it JUST based on the HP?
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    My Wi-fi three man team.

    Here it is, please rate and/or fix. All suggestions accepted...unless just plain idiotic. Also, with the moves that are something like this "Fire Blast/Flamethrower", please tell me which one to use. (The FB/FT one is not the actual one....) Dusknoir|Careful|Pressure - Mean Look - Curse...
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    Odd thing that happened to my postcount.

    Not that I really care, but I couldn't help noticing that at one point I had 884 posts and then the next minute after posting it went down to 864 post =S. Basically I'm asking: "Why?" (Btw, sorry if this is the wrong place).
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    Gaming store disgrace. Anyone thinking of buying a 2nd hand Pokemon game, read.

    I went into EB Games (Australia) a few hours ago, and (finally) bought Emerald. As I approached the counter, I saw in a cabinet a whole bunch of 2nd hand games. Among them were numerous Pokemon games. One in particular caught my eye; A Ruby version. However, this was not any normal Ruby...
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    Which Ralts should I breed with?

    Well, I've been breeding Ralts forever now, and I've got some pretty good ones. I now have 2 females, but I can't choose which one to breed with. Here are the participants' IVs: Female Candidate #1 http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c67/Menorca/RaltsF1IVs.jpg Female Candidate #2...
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    Would Blaziken work as a Sub-Puncher?

    Well, I wanted Blaziken to be in my team, but I couldn't see how he'd fit it. So I came up with this idea: Could I make him a SubPuncher? What are your views on this? Do you think it would work, if so, would it be any good?
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    How do you tell if it's hacked?

    Ok, here's the senario: Someone kindly trades me say...a celebi or other event pokemon. I say, tyvm. xp How do I tell if it is a real/cloned pokemon, as opposed to a hacked/cheated one? Is there ANY way? Especially if its stats are all normal etc...
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    Fellow Aussies! I have our release date!

    EDITED/UPDATED Nintendo of Australia has officially released the release date as the 21ST OF JUNE. This is now the official discussion thread for the release date. ORIGIONAL Well, I went into the EB Games just about 1 hour ago, and I saw the D/P empty "pre-order" boxes in the...
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    Is this ability as well as or instead of STAB? It would suck if it was instead of, because then it would just be pointless.
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    I was just wondering, in wi-fi matches, will other people be able to watch the match? That is other than the two or four people actually taking part.
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    Would this combo work?

    Here's the combo - Raichu - Toxic Substitute Wish --- Or for something better - Umbreon - Toxic Substitute Wish Taunt/Protect U use toxic, then u use wish then substitute and repeat for the poison to slowly sap the foe's exp. Does this work? Also, if it does work...
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    Shiny Method?

    I was just thinking, could you do this: Get an egg, walk until it's down at like 10-40 steps, save and then hatch it, if its not shiny, soft reset and continue? Does this work? It would all depend on whether a pokemon's IVs shinyness etc... is programmed when it's hatched or when you...
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    Golem or Rydon?

    Well, I've got a Ryhorn and Geodude (both adamant), and don't know which of the two to use in my team. Which one should I have in my team, Rydon or Golem? PS: Ignore the factor of Rydon's D/P evolution, because i will be using neither in my D/P team. PPS: DO NOT SAY NEITHER or THEY...
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    If I look up a pokemon on the Serebii dex, and it has two abilities written, how does that work? Does the ability vary for the type of version? Or do you just get either by chance when you catch it, so one or the other? Or do they both and you just can only read one?