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  1. K

    Help with Youtube Videos

    I make youtube videos as a side hobby mainly of video game footage For some reason the audio is Extremly De Synched and i have no idea why. I can only record using emulators though and hte built in recorders. I know im not supposed to talk about roms and emulators but i really do need help...
  2. K

    ❂❋❂ The Rise of the Beasts ❂❋❂

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [/spoiler] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  3. K

    UU In OU? Thats Blasphemy

    So i got bored yesterday and made this team. Afterward i faced some OU teams and It Utterly Destroys. Its fun as no other to use So please. Rate my Team @ Focus Sash Trait: Speed Boost EVs: 255 Atk / 255 Spd Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Baton Pass - Protect - Swords Dance - X-Scissor This is a...
  4. K

    A Bug Team

    This is a team that i made last night out of boredm So far it has only lost once out of 20 battles. It has Beatan Highly OU teams and Also Several Uber Teams from those noobs on PO who challenge you with ubers. So please i ask. Rate my Team This is for a Bug gym with a 3:3 Mono @ Life Orb...
  5. K

    Computer Buttons Not Working

    I am on a HP Mini WIndows 7 Laptop from my school. The volume up and down and mute buttons arent working at all. I am worried because i have to pay 100 bucks if it gets broke. CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT HERE PLEASE
  6. K

    Khy and Purr's Trade Shop

    This Shop is Co-Owned With Purrloin Cloners: Beshort123 Dragonmaster123 and Dragonmaster26 And looking for more Rules: 1) Clones are allowed, Hacks are not, If we suspect that you have given us a hack pokemon we will ask for a tradeback and will expect a trade back. it will be the same way...
  7. K

    The League of SeaSoul

    Challenges....Obstacles...Gyms....Leagues. All have some relation to the sea. Without the water that surrounds us, man wouldn't have been able to create these magnificent things. This, young challenger, is what the official Team SeaSoul League is all about. It was designed to have the ideal gym...
  8. K


    My Names Khybon and ive been using Serebii for some time now but just frvifrf to join the forums after running into some trouble in all 3 of my pokemon games.