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    XLZ & Matts Have/Wants

    RULES STILL IN THE PROCESS OF UPDATING THE THREAD. We only want LEGIT Pokemon Unless said otherwise. We have few un-legit pokemon, But do have them. We will clone your pokemon in return for a copy of that pokemon. If you are wondering why some shiny pokemon may be cought in masterballs, It...
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    Need a Gible?

    I have 2 Boxes full of Gible. IF you need you then Ill trade them for you. Almost every nature. Will trade for TMs.
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    Gio and XLZ's Have/Wants

    Gio and XLZ's Have/Wants *UPDATE* Shinies :::::: Kricketune Rayquazza Legendaries ::::::::::: Giratina x2 Uxie x2 Mesprit Azelf x2 Cresselia x2 Palkia Celebi (JPN) TMs and Items Post a request. wants :::::::::::: Regice, Registeel, Regirock. Mudkip, Torchic, Treeko...