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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Thread

    shiny leaf while The Shiny Leaf may be elusive you can find them easily if you have a strong bond with your pokemon and know the routes that you can find the shiny leafs on as well as your pokemons nature. and someone has done their homework so check out the shiny leaf page on serebii...
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    The New Girl on the Serebii Block

    welcome to all ye newbies welcome. ;492-s;;492-s;
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    3rd Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ [Read all of first post if you don't want an infraction]

    shiny wurmple i found 1 shiny wurmple on sapphire then i found one on ruby in the same day, no lie!!! ;265;
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    ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

    yeah ill use it ill have it on me wherever i go.
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    welcome all
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    What's The Point In A Pokedex?

    the pokedex is there so that you get a star when you really complete it all. the pokedex is also there to give you information about the pokemon and where they are located in the game that you are playing. the pokedex may seem useless if you are brand new to the game but once you have it filled...
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    this may be a little but i note one thing platinum came out on the 13th of September 2008 in japan and the us was march 22 2009. i am figuring out that Heart gold and soul silver came out on the 12th in japan so it should come out on march 21st 2010 in the united states. i know this should go in...
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    Hacked Pokemon to get Ligit Pokemon

    hacked to legit I say anyone who has already used their Regigas that is legit and are willing to share theirs and not ask for it back is fine by me. but anyone who wants to cheat somone by cloning a TRU pokemon is not doing anyone any favors if you get my drift.
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    Ranchload of new Avatars!

    i also like just Shyamin as a avatar which is why i have it as mine
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    What Are Your Favorite Musical Genres?

    i really like christian and the pokemon music on the games
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    Hacked Pokemon

    you know that some people use the action replay or the gameshark in case of the older games to get their pokeboxes and pokedex full. i am figuring out that some people dont like it so i am planning on breeding all the pokemon that i can.
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    Pokemon Fans 18+ from the 90's

    you can put your friend code in your signature if im right
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    Pokemon Fans 18+ from the 90's

    i do the same thing;492-s;
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    Pokemon Fans 18+ from the 90's

    i forget how old i was when i got yellow but i have been playing it off and on since then. all i know is that i love pokemon and have over 1500 hours in all my games combined. i pre ordered platinum as well as Diamond and pearl Im about to preorder Heartgold and soul silver. i also have fire...
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    mine will be shaymin once i can trade it over
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    i agree i leave the booklets till i need them
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    i only got crystal at first so i didn't know;492-s;;152;;155;;158;