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    Have you ever used Prankdial?

    I really like to use Prankdial (bad I know.) and I was wondering if anyone else on here has used the website before. If you haven't...well let me give you a brief description. If you already know what it is, skip the bold font. Prankdial is a service where you can crank call people by...
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    Do/did you have a mean teacher in your school?!?

    The title pretty much explains this. Oh man... were do I even begin? Oh yeah, I had at least 4 mean teachers in all my schools. A fair warning, this is a bit long. In Elementary school, our music teacher yelled at us whenever someone got a spelling error or a note wrong, she was like the sister...
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    Your Weirdest Phases!

    Some people go through phases...but some people go through odd phases, like me. Here's my story: My 1st Weird Phase was when I was only 4. I went through a Spongebob phase and started drawing nothing but Spongebob characters. Then the phase died out in 2004 after I saw the Spongebob movie, I...
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    Have you ever got/have Spyware on your computer?

    This seems like a stupid thread, but I'm bored and I'm wondering if anyone has or used to have spyware on their computer before. This is my story: We have got Spyware on our computer a couple times, but most of the time It's been my fault. When I was first starting to go on the internet in...
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    Most Overused Pokemon?

    If there is already a topic like this, feel free to remove it. What Pokemon do you think is used by a lot of people? Here's my list: 1. Pikachu. Most people I battle at school use Pikachu and it gets annoying. Plus Pikachu is easy to knock out if it's not trained well, my Flygon uses one...
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    Do you have Annoying Neighbors?

    I know that I created a topic that is similar to this one, but that one was created back in Summer 2011 and had a lot of typo's so i decided to do another one. I have neighbors with children that are 5 and 3, both boys, and they are normally well behaved when the parents are home. However...
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    What do you think of Xat?

    So, what do you think of Xat? If you haven't heard of it...well it's basically a website where people can chat. But there's a lot of stuff and people that annoy me, here's my list: -Most Chat Rooms that are related to Club Penguin. -Chat rooms that have annoying, strict, and not to mention foul...
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    What are you allergic to?

    So, what are you allergic to? I have a allergy to Gelatin, the stuff that's in Jello and in a lot of fruit snacks. If i eat something with Gelatin in it then my breathing is slowed a bit and my throat swells up. I may be allergic to mosquito bites as well because I get hives if I'm bitten by a...
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    Search on for missing Enfield woman

    This is a tad scary since this woman lives near where i am. Here's an article about her: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/story/2011/12/20/ns-enfield-search.html?cmp=rss
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    Anyone have Annoying/Weird Neighbors?

    I used to have a thread similar to this one but it was a old one and my grammar was horrible in the old thread. I'll try to use good grammar in this thread. my cousin (who was 2 at the time, he's now 5) used to have this neighbor who went into this strange contraption thing, my cousin thought...
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    Mean Teachers at your school?

    Do you have any mean teachers at your school? well, i have 2 mean ones ever since i started grade 8. We have this teacher named Mrs. Jordan and she told us to shut up or she will slit our throats, i'm not fooling around she really did say that. And she made a exchange student cry because Mrs...
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    Annoying Neighbors

    I hope that this isn't a duplicate topic... Have any of you ever had a Annoying neighbor, or do you still have one? if so post away. But first i'll tell you what annoying neighbor's i had to deal with in my life: I used to live in a apartment in 2005 till 2009, in 2007 these neighbors moved...
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    What Annoys You?

    So, what annoys you? here's what annoys me: 1. Crying Babies in Planes/Restaurants etc. They made a rule here that if babies are crying or screaming on a plane, they have to move at the very back of the plane. for Restaurants, Crying children/babies have to leave. No questions asked. 2...
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    Who plays IMVU?

    Does anyone on here play IMVU? if you don't know what it is it's kinda like the Sims but you don't feed your character. and you can talk to others with no word restrictions. so does anyone else on here play this? if you don't and you want to try it out go to IMVU.com but you have to download it...
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    The Sims 2 Cheerleaders Help?

    i keep killing them off, but they just keep coming. Those annoying chants and cheers are getting on my nerves, i always get my sim to put a drink in the cheerleaders faces they run off and disappear for about 4 minutes, then they knock on my door and without my sim saying that they can come in...
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    School Rules You Hate!

    My school is kinda strict on rules, heres all of the stupid rules my school has: 1. not allowed to Drink pepsi, yet your allowed to drink 7-up o_o 2. No hugging or kissing, holding hands is allowed but don't they know that some kid could've picked his nose then held someones hand? Gross! And...
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    Have you ever been at deaths door?

    Being at deaths door means that you have been close to death. i have had alot of near death experiences, here they are! In grade 2 me & some kid where roughhousing and he picked me up i asked him "what are you bringing?" he said "THE PAIN!" he slammed my back on hard concrete, which knocked...
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    What TV shows do you hate?

    the title basically says it all, what shows do you hate the most? for me i have alot here it goes!: Family Guy-The new ones (2007-present) are bad, the old ones are better. WordWorld-this show scares my 3 year old cousin and we have to change the channel otherwise she cries nonstop...
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    Nintendo helped Sony once?

    I read that Nintendo helped Sony make the first playstation Which i didn't believe at first, but once i read on Wikipedia and the Nintendo wiki then i was kinda puzzled, i thought Sony was a rival of Nintendo & Sony was a rival of Microsoft who made the Xbox. But i gotta give Nintendo credit...
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    NYC Health Commircal

    OK, i have been seeing this commercial for a long time now and i think that the FCC should ban it, they shouldn't be airing a commercial with so much graphic content without giving a warning at the beginning i have a link to the commercial here...