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    team flair

    how will they show team flair this series ?? half way through kalos like they did in sinnoh with team G or near the end with team rocket helping looker or the ep they seem to always do team rocket vs team flair.
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    more battles with diantha & diantha giving ash mega key ring

    ok so ash has battle diantha and she seen and said in English dub that ash cares for his pokemon which might state she might give him a mega key ring... also i think we be seeing more battles with her and ash since ash doesn't have a rival that has a goal at beating the champion like paul and...
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    ash's pikachu pokeball

    ok so in recent ep at the cateua we see pikachu pokeball again but they missed out the thunder bolt on it. why did they removed the thunder bolt
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    pokeball factory return of gs ball

    ok since we know there a pokeball factory in kalos. we will know ash and co might visit it. so what if ash tells oak he gonna visit it and oak brings up the gs ball again?? this might not happen but its a thought tho
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    allan and ash

    so in the mega special allan got told about ash...so they might meet in the anime and that prob be how ash gets a mega ring or something plus near the end of special we saw allan holding a megastone he found
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    will we see ash lapras in xy

    reason for this thread is in the game we get a free lapras and i was saying in the anime what if they change it like when ash and co go up to the water and see a group of lapras's and one of them goes to ash happy as larry and ash will be like oh lapras its you etc etc etc we last saw lapras in...
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    what past pokemon of ash you want to evo in kalos league

    ok so in sinnoh league we saw his cyndiquill evo so if ash uses any of past pokemon in kalos league which one you want to see evo like his gible etc
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    Team rockets secret misson

    ok near the end of DP season team rocket had a call from their boss. saying they have a secret misson.. was this secret misson the stuff they did in unova or something...
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    ash and the pokemon league

    ok so we know ash started new in hoenn and only used the ones he caught for the league but in DP we see ash used his other pokemon than the one he caught in sinnoh but in unova he just used the ones from there again... so when the time comes for kalos league will we see ash used his other...
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    if ash pokemon( ones released ) were rewritten into an ep

    ok so one of the only pokemon of ash we saw returning was lapras and last time we saw it was hoen. so if any other of ash pokemon made a return how would you put it in an episode and who will you pick??? like example ash returns home from kalos walking through the Forrest outside of pallet...
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    why wasn't there a sinnoh battle frontier

    like we see in DP ash battled the Tower Tycoon Palmer one of the brains in the battle frontier will they make this a season or is it too late for ash to do this or the writers forgotten about it
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    ash voice

    ok so i know they changed his voice in battle frontier like few eps after he got his 1st symbol.. and how they replace the voices due to a new company taken over... but they changed ash voice again for The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon movie like they had to re dubbed it again with the dp...
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    Game playercard event ( future event ) maker of pokemon

    I read on a page that you will get his playercard in a event thats coming up he has 758pokemiles and has 758 pokemon registed.. 758 there must be new pokemon coming out soon or something for his player card to say 758 pokemon Here the post i found off fb To celebrate the first...
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    who ya think will be on ash team for x andy

    ok so who will be on ash team for x and y? like who will stay in his party the longest and who will he catch and have for back up tragedies etc i think his party( not winner party will be ) frokie( might evo to final stage ) Fletchling ( evo to final stage ) either...
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    can they really closed a thread for this reason

    can they close threads for a silly reason?? one mod said this when he closed my thread This is completely pointless. thats no a good reason since my thread was based on the game itself wasn't breaking any rules either
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    shuana end game talk

    when she outside her house she says she going to a far away region so does that mean we see her in a far away region as a gym leader or a champion or something on the words of that
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    surrounding regions of kalos

    what are they called will we ever know?? the story says kalos had wars with surrounding regions and had connections with uniova... will they use these regions for future games ?? like 2 in 1 or something ??
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    how will ash get noticed to be earned to have mega stones etc

    as we have seen ash is a good trainer with good bond with all pokemon in every season so far we have seen him save pokemon by bringing wild pokemon to pokecenter and by saving them etc...now in kalos we have seen himk save 2 pokemon in the city being witness on tv.... plus to another trailer i...
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    how many pokemon will ash catch this region/ how early will they show gen 7 pokemon

    ok so in kanto./orange islands he had 14 in jhoto he had 6 in hoen 6 sinnoh 6 uniova 9 so how many will he get in kalos ? and also how early or late in the season will they show the next gen ? like in kanto 1st ep they showed hoho in orange league tracey sketch an elekid? so how will...
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    who will we see that ash knows/ past used pokemon in pokemon x and y

    ok so in x and y is still early in the season.. this is just giving you're opinion on who you think might come back in 1 - 2 episodes or more. for me i can see misty coming to kalos to catch a water type.. and also for ash i can see him bringing past pokemon back for a one time of event...