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    Nintendo DS Touch Screen Shaking

    I have a problem with my Nintendo DS in which the touch screen shakes. It varies from day to day, sometimes easily tolerable and other times barely playable. However, the problem is getting worse from day to day. I don't like this issue, but I don't know what I can do to fix it. Any help?
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    Umbreon's Poke'Exchange

    ;201-u;;201-m;;201-b;;201-r;;201-e;;201-o;;201-n;;201-s; ;201-p;;201-o;;201-k;;201-e; ;201-e;;201-x;;201-c;;201-h;;201-a;;201-n;;201-g;;201-e; ;197; Welcome to Umbreon's Poke'Exchange! ;197; Welcome to Umbreon's Poke'Exchange, where you can not only trade Pokemon, but Buy and Sell, too...