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    WTH @ America's Wii playing Pokemon fans getting boned?

    Seriously, first we didn't get the Platinum update for My Pokemon Ranch and apparently, with as much time thats gone by, were not getting Pokepark or the WiiWare Mystery Dungeon, both of which looked really cool and fun, this is crap, wth @ Gamefreak and/or NOA???
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    when will ppl learn to NOT fix what ISNT broken???

    stupid youtube apparently had google do some kind of update on it and now i, along with many others, cant watch any videos until the problem is resolved, this is why you DONT FIX WHAT ISNT BROKEN!!! when will people learn??? is anyone else outraged by this and any other incidents like this?
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    how do i forget feelings for someone?

    *enter cliche intro* "ok so theres this girl" >.< but ya ive known this girl for 4 years, the first year we knew each other she hated me, i was a senior and still had a semester of p.e. left and she was a freshman and she was just one those girls that i tended to bug the **** out of, and there...
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    Headbutting Trees

    what constitutes the difference between normal trees and special trees??? i was just on pokeearth and specifically on route 37 in johto and there were 2 different encounter sets for headbutting trees, normal and special...
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    im dead before my ship even sank (dating luck)

    yes yes, a reference to modest mouse XD anyway, so i just discovered gk2gk.com and i was like oh good my kind of dating site, whats better than a dating site for geeks rite? so i register and all that good stuff, and i live in joplin, missouri so i type in my location info and all i got was one...
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    either ive been out of the loop for too long or nintendos gone crazy...

    can someone please explain to me why the hell poison types are now under the psychic category???, they seriously just need to reboot and make every type for the tcg
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    next months coro coro...

    im wondering what everyone else here thinks about next months coro coro, do u think the chances are high or low that a new game will be announced, or, what do u think will be the pokemon topic of the next coro coro?
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    can bean dip go bad?

    i have like half a can of bean dip thats been in the fridge for about a month or so but it had the cover on it and it tastes and smells like it always does, do u think its safe to eat?
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    umm kinda gross but im confused...

    i met this girl on the internet and she said that she like to poop and stuff like in her pants or in adult diapers and yet she talks about it like its completely normal, ive been trying to let it get to me and then making an *** out of myself so what i need to know is, if someone said that to...
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    *sigh* cartoon network and credits dont get along...

    does anyone know where i can find a video of the scenes during the credits of giratina and the sky warrior? cartoon network barely shows em >.> a tiny display that plays all fast sux
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    dating dilemma

    theres some nice looking girls in my area and i wud like to try dating again, the thing is is that im going to school at a career training school and i dont have a job or income, and i know it sounds easy, "oh just get a job" but the thing is is that im getting really really good grades and...
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    electronics homework question

    does anyone here know how to find the impedance (Z) of a 1k ohm resistor (R) thats in parallel with a 2k ohm capacitor (XC) in an AC circuit when theirs no voltage or frequency given?
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    in desperate need of an answer

    is flamethrower worth waiting for on growlithe or should i just evolve now cuz im right about to face the elite four and he doesnt learn it til lvl 50 and he barely just learned flame wheel and everyone on gamefaqs is too much of a snob to help so yeah....ugh
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    old coro coro scans

    does anyone have or know where i can find old coro coro scans of like pokemon ruby and sapphire or crystal or anything? cuz whenever i go to google they always have the latest stuff....
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    what the?.... has anyone seen this?

    look at the lower right corner of the poster behind the regigigas doll, this was back in april but ive never seen anyone talk about this, the article says something about a "new pokemon b" and i dont recognize the character, cud it be another new poke? heres the link.
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    anyone read deathnote?

    *no spoiler for those who do please* im on the 11th volume but does anyone feel that the later volumes are just way too convoluted?
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    new all stand alone team

    i just bred a girafarig, heracross, torkoal, relicanth, chatot, and carnivine for a new game in diamond, all with natures neutral to the stat im gonna EV train them in and with all the best tm moves i cud give them, ive never raised a team of all stand alone pokes meaning no evos or pre evos...
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    who wants...

    a hamburger pokemon? or a pencil pokemon? or some other wacky thing? if they were gonna come up with something like for one guy just to be funny what wud you prefer? XD
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    Mega Man Legends

    considering serebii's and the rest of the crew's skill and innovative ideas with this site, imagine wut kind of a mega man legends site they could make if they played it and got really into it lol, anybody love this series as much as i do?
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    pokemon's future? (NOT a 5th gen or g/s remake thread)

    well i just noticed that since the release of platinum in japan, they dont even have anything announced for themselves so i wonder whats in store for the franchise, its too early for a 5th gen i think and as far as a g/s remake goes, eh, as much as i want one, idk... but there must be something...