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    Sun & Moon will be switching timeslots to Sunday 6PM

    I mean, they are surely aware what they are up against, right? They wouldn't jeopardize the most major advertising method of the franchise themselves right? It doesn't make sense Is it possible that they will somehow up the standards of the anime to compete better? And BTW can someone fill me...
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    Rumors/Leaks Discussion Thread

    About the Festival Plaza Battle Factory, this is from the Portuguese interview "The Festival Plaza is an important part of the world we created, so it is still there. However, we added some functionalities like Alola Photo Club, where you can take photos and save them and/or share them with...
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    Rumors/Leaks Discussion Thread

    He was posting stuff here apparently: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5379920007?pn=2 Not really sure though, can't read Chinese.
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    Rumors/Leaks Discussion Thread

    From what I have gathered, he seems to have confirmed the leaks about all the evil team bosses coming back and there being new Alolan Formes. And he said something about UB Burst being designed before SM's release and apparently he had a riddle about it last year, too. He also hinted Adhesive...
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    Hey. Sorry I haven't been logging in here. Posted something after atleast 2-3 years today -_-...

    Hey. Sorry I haven't been logging in here. Posted something after atleast 2-3 years today -_- Sorry for replying after almost a year man ;-; Keeping in touch on SPPf is tough
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    General Discussion & Speculation Thread

    I'm seeing this screenshot running around. Has this been confirmed fake?
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    Legendaries Discussion Thread

    So did anyone discern the real life mythology behind Solgaleo and Lunaala?
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    Gen 7 or 6.5?

    I'm sure a lot of you have seen this before, but just putting this here again I think the colors match with the XY and Sun Moon logos. And it can't just be a coincidence. So 6.5 or 7 the new storyline should have strong ties with Zygarde IMO. Which could also explain why they decided...
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    Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

    Considering how surprised we were to see the DNA helix in the Mewtwo Mega evo sequence and afterwards in the Japanese logos This intrigues me. So the diamond shaped gems will probably play an integral part in the games too. Not to mention the Pokeball comet.
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    New Graphics Discussion Thread

    The badges are getting new colorations +w+
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    I wonder, did they make the beginning similar to the very first opening on purpose?
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    Mega Evolution I (XYSP1)

    Did they show Lysandre?
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    Movie 17 - The Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie - July 19th 2014 (Apr 17: New trailer)

    I wonder, does Argos (the fat guy) own a Honedge? His belt looks like Honedge's eye
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    Pocket Monsters XY Opening and Ending.

    ^Yeah I mixed them up. >.< The song kinda gave me Mezase Pokémon Master vibes. You know, type names and all. :P
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    Pocket Monsters XY Opening and Ending.

    OMG Daisuke actually says the names of all of the types! *Fangasms*
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    Atleast it has a better meaning than mine xD

    Atleast it has a better meaning than mine xD
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    That is literally what my RL name means xD

    That is literally what my RL name means xD
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    Can someone link me to Josh's leaks on 4 chan? Thanks.
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    http://summary.fc2.com/summary.php?summary_cd=171900 Sorry if this was posted here before, but is this something to go by?
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    Too bad ;w;

    Too bad ;w;