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    Your favourite travelling group ?

    Which travelling group of Ash do you think was the best and why ? For me the XY gang, really liked how smoothly they got along with each other. How they supported each other and their interactions especially Ash/Serena and Ash/Clemont. They felt like a complete family to me.
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    Which is the best season of pokemon anime in your opinion and why ?

    Last time I checked wikipedia, the pokemon anime I think has 19/20 seasons. Which one out of all of them do you think was the best overall and why ? Sorry for not including any of the seasons from Unova saga, but there's the other option. Now my pick, it would be XYZ easily. This is the...
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    What is the biggest flaw of Pokemon anime ?

    Most people would agree that the anime is full of flaws but which is the biggest out of the bunch in your opinion ? For me it's main characters (and not just Ash) never winning anything major to significantly progress towards their goal. I just don't know what's stopping the writers from...
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    In which saga did you like Ash the best and why ?

    Out of all the 6 regions Ash travelled in, at what point did you like him the best and why ? My pick would be XY Ash. My reasons : -I prefer serious Ash to a goofy one. -He seems to be more strategic than ever to me full of confidence using unorthodox plans to emerge victorious in many of...
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    Should Ash win the Kalos League or lose in the final coming close to winning it ?

    Straight forward Question : Do you believe it's the right time to have Ash finally win a regional league? Or do you think he should lose in the final (like Serena and Dawn lost in the finals coming so close to victory in their respective competitions) coming inches close to getting victory but...
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    Should Serena win the Master Class in first attempt?

    It looks like Serena's Master Class arc is going to happen before Ash's 8th gym battle starting somewhere around XYZ-19, the episode title of which is just recently revealed. I think she should win "Master Class" for a much needed change in anime in my opinion. The pokemon anime is known to...
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    Ash vs his travelling companions; Which battle overall you liked the most and why?

    As we know with the exceptions of Tracey and Max all the other travelling companions of Ash had at least one serious battle with him during their run on the show. The thread question is; Out of all those battles which one overall appealed to you the most and why? Few clarifications related to...
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    Possibility of more main characters/rivals switching their goals in future?

    We have seen Brock and Gary changing their goals in the past despite all odds against it to happen. The thread question is What do you think about the possibility of more main characters/rivals changing their goal in future (in their cameo appearances if any)?If yes then who in your opinion is...
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    Which saga or region of anime did you like the best and why?

    My first thread.. as the question asks which saga of the anime appealed to you the most as a pokemon fan and why? On a side-note... This thread is not about what you dislike. It's merely asking about your most favourite saga/region of pokemon anime with stating reasons if possible. Please don't...
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    Hi! newbie here

    As the title says, I'm new here. I've been a pokemon fan since 2002(when it first showed in my country). It's only now that I'm motivated enough to join a pokemon forum. I'm a 18 year old guy. You can call me "Shooti". Sorry I'm not allowed to disclose my real life name here. I'm friendly(at...