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    {Wifi Ubers} The God's Realm

    Hello Serebii! It's AquaRegisteel here. I'm here with my latest RMT, from the heights of Wifi Ubers. This team has been quite successful, with my peak being: (18:49:44) ±Porygon: Your rank in Wifi Ubers is 176/22352 [1316 points / 62 battles] However, my team has suffered a few blows...
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    OU Cores in the BW/2 Metagame

    Taking this thread from Smogon. Cuz I can, and Serebii might bring something up that they haven't. Well, cores are one of the main parts of teambuilding. Some are also effective in checking playstyles or in checking pokemon. What works good for you? What stuff works great with X and what...
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    Cheating Mayflower[PG13][ContestShipping]

    Alright then. Hello again. I am back with something I am writing on a mere whim, and wanted to see whether people may like this. I'll post a proper explanation, since my brain is nearly fried after typing this up almost rapidly. Anyways, here it is. Rate/Review/Criticise/Praise please and thank...
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    Post A Scene!

    [Mod note: thread is bumpable] Well, I guess that this idea is a spring from my trickling mind. The premise of this is somewhat simple. I aim to have this topic where writers can write up a scene they have in their head, and put it somewhere quickly. As this has been advice to beat Writer's...
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    Absorbing Fire {UU RMT}

    Hey there! It's me, Aqua, down here with a fairly successful UU team. The reason I'm posting this here is because I have been having slight troubles reaching the top of the ladder. I have only peaked at a ladder ranking of 773 before going on a subsequent losing streak. If problems arise...
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    Your experiences on FIFA?

    So, what was the most memorable moment on FIFA? Was it when you drove that free kick in from 32 yards out? Was it when you worked some brilliantly magical skill and drilled the ball through the keeper's legs? Or was it an absolute screamer from 40 yards out? Mine: -On World Class Career...
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    Short Stories: Advice

    So, this is a topic for advice on short stories. As we know, they are not full blown 50K word things, so they differ fairly to them. What advice do you all have?
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    Blossom (Contestshipping, Oneshot, PG-PG13)

    I must introduce myself before explaining this fic: I am AquaRegisteel, a near rabid Contestshipper. I discovered my (hopefully) decent writing after years of forgetting about it in the days when I was a wee eight year old writing stories of my favourite characters (Namely Sonic characters...
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    Registeel has just been shipped in!

    ;379; has arrived! Hello serebii,which is my sixth pokemon forum site that i have joined. I have had experience at other sites,so i know some stuff already about the metagame.I am glad to have joined this huge site!