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    What would you do if pokemon didn't exist?

    So what would you probably be doing now if pokemon never existed? I would probably be playing lego (even more) and being mostly bored having nothing to do but Minecraft,lego and club penguin. I'd probably never get a 3DS to, not have some of the friends I have today and more. So what would you...
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    My 2nd Pokemon White Team

    Hey this is my second pokemon white team. Once I finish with the other team after teaching them tms and level up I'll use this one but I want to make it better. I also have doubles of pokemon (some with differant moveset so I might post both and you can choose what one) I'll put items on later...
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    Pokemon White Rate My Team

    Please rate my team. I have completed the game already btw. I also just bet N and Ghetsis so they aren't to high. I only got home and got out of the house into my home town in the game. Machamp Jolly Nature Level 55 Abilaty: Serence Grace Attack:159 Defense 107 Sp. Atk 73 Sp. Def 104...
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    Rate my team please!

    Here Im going to post my pokemon white 1 team! 1. Samurott: ITEM: Mystic water Moves: Surf,Razor Shell, Megahorn, Revenge(waiting to be replaced) 2. Vanillish, ITEM: nevermeltice Moves: Ice Beam, Mirror shot,Acid Armor, Frost breath(to be replaced) 3.Unfezant, ITEM: scope lens Moves: Air...
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    Pokemon in Unova you thought were going to be good but they were bad?

    Have you ever went in the trouble to get an Unova pokemon? Or you just thought it was going to be EPIC? You level it up a bunch but it turns out it wasnt as good as you expected or it was just a waste since they were pretty useless/çompared to something else. So do you or have you had a pokemon...
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    if you had to be ONE pokemon what ONE would you be?

    So I know there are ALOT of pokemon but here are simple rules: You dont need to say that "IM A (whatever pokemon) with (whatever IV and EV's)" or that your level 100 and you beat pokemon EASILY. You must follow the Serebii Forum rules as ALWAYS! Also, You are aloud to say you want to be a...
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    When you restart your game do you transfer/trade your main pokemon to other games?

    When you restart your pokemon game you usually have a team or the star of your pokemon team. but instead of losing it forever with your other pokes do you trade it into another game and get a bad pokemon you dont care about into your game you are restarting then restart it so you can start fresh...
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    Grass type pokemon have to many weaknesses?

    Do you think grass type pokemon have to many weaknesses? Yes or No? I think Yes. All their weaknesses make sense of them being its weakness but grass type pokemon have WAY to many of them. I know its a little to late but there are just to many to handle. Then grass being a starter it could...
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    If you were a gym leader what would your gym be about and what pokemon would you use?

    So if you were a gym leader what type of pokemon would you use? What would your gym be based on? What would your gym look like? Also what pokemon would you use? I'd be a Water gym leader in Kanto/Johto My gym would be a surfing paradise. You'll need surf or dive to do the gym though and you'll...
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    Favourite Pokemon Battle EVER?

    Sorry if this belongs in the Pokepolls discussion though but their is ALOT of gym leaders,elite four,champions and boss battles so it would be hard enough to list all of them. Well what is your favourite Pokemon battle. This includes every battle if its a: Legendary Battle Gym leader battle...
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    I've heard some people dont like gen 4... but why?

    In the past some people are talking about how Gen 4 wasnt as good as Kanto and saying how original it was. Then they say Johto is way better then gen 4 and what not. I've even heard some people saying how the legendary pokemon aren't good or they arent as good as the others and other things...
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    Poképals: The mysterious legendary pokemon!

    Poképals: The mysterious legendary pokemon! Hi this is my first story! Hope you enjoy! Chapter 1: The mysterious pokemon! Pikachu skipped along the footpath. "lalala" sung Pikachu with joy. Pikachu closed her eyes and started to sing a relaxing song when she heard a trash can fall over. In...
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    Rate my in game badge team

    Hope you enjoy them! 1. Lucario Level 44 2.Arcanine: Level 43 3. Haxorus the beast: level 48 4.Ampharos: Level 44 5. Zoroark: Level 46 6. Samurott: Level 43 Do you like them? Im in undella bay training and I want them about all level 48-50 in levels. Is that good or bad? They have great...
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    Pokemon black 2 WHY DID I RESTART MY GAME!?!?

    I really wanted to restart my pokemon black 2 game and I didnt. I didnt because I completed it with alot of high leveled pokemon. Simple I traded the ones I needed (includes skitty for pokedex ways) and I forgot my shiny semitoad and 2 shiny gibles! Im an idiot for doing so! It doesnt help I...
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    soul silver team rating!

    Hey guys this is my in game team for soul silver! Im gonna keep this fellas for the whole game! :D (WARNING: IM NOT USING LEGENDARIES!) Im on my 3rd gym badge and I got it easily with heracross! Heres my team so far all of them are in tough training to get level 30 by the next badge! 1...
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    Rate my Black 2 Badge Team!

    Hey guys can you please rate my black 2 Badge team? Im keeping all of these little fellas for the pokemon league unless something weird happens and all of them are underleveled I might get my old Black 2 team with my meloetta from last time. Heres my Gym badge team: (The only 1 I might change...
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    Poképoll: What pokemon do you want to be?

    Poképoll: What pokemon do you want to be? I was just thinking what pokemon do you want to be? I want to be a Thunderorus! Flying around making thunderstorms and when a trainer spots you you flee away after 1 or 2 attacks!
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    Strongest pokemon

    Hi, so what pokemon do you think are the strongest in battle? (It doesn't have to be the most powerful just some powerful ones) ;245;Enjoy!;306;
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    Poll: What's your favourite pokemon type and why?

    Hi, just wondering what's your favourite pokemon type and why? Mine are: Fire because they are very powerful! Grass because they usually evolve into something BIG and POWERFUL! Electric because their is lots of cool pokemon in their like Pikachu and Normal because their is heaps of them...