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    A small rant about Furries

    Well, i'm not really good at writing long pieces of anger on the internet. Sorry if you were expecting it, but I feel hurt that people treat furries like dirt. For one thing, not all furries are into yiff. I am a furry myself but the concept of yiff freaks me out (maybe because I am 12, but...
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    The EVILLL game

    There is one rule to this game. View the topic and you must post! Other than the mods and minimods of this game ofcourse. Mods: Groudonny the groundstar Minimods: Xashlei Dragodynamite Cacaruka Zero Nexus ~Spacial_Rendation~ Have fun!
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    People these days are nucking futs.

    This is not a pokemon bashing thread but another thread about how far people will go to bash pokemon. ~ bits by me will be in these ~ and you can't forget the amazing cursing pikachu and elmo toys! An electronic Pikachu toy that curses? Sort of. It's programmed only to say...
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    Hacks? Not being used in Wi-Fi, is it ok?

    ;150; Look, i'm just a n00b who has beaten Pearl without hacks, so my friend offered to let me borrow his ARDS so I can get a shiny.....i'm worried it might screw up my game but my Boyfriend's game has no side affects from the friends ARDS......I don't want to lose my event pokemon, my...
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    Ever made up a pokemon song?

    My freinds and I were being stupid one day and we decided to make up a song about my freinds wobbafett Spider Wobbly: Spider wobbly Spider wobbly Does whatever A wobbafett does Can she say Wobba? Yes she can shes a wobbly Look out she is a spider wobbly If you made some up post yours!
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    Pokemon Feral Run

    The Idea is to send in 10 to 12 pokemon into the wilderness where they must survive on there own. Each week people can PM me to see how a pokemon is going. The more Pms a pokemon gets. the less chance itll die. Don't worry. your pokemon are safe cause I clone them before the contest starts...
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    The Uberz Club

    ;486; The Uberz Club is for people who like ubers. I for one love groudons but am sick and tired of seeing sigs telling us to use normal pokemon. This club has a few simple rules. (1) No flaming (2) No spamming (3) No cussing And that's about all you need to know about my club...
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    Pokemon Contest Legendary style

    In this RP you enter a contest with a legendary pokemon and then you are judged by a member (probably me) and if you recive a good score you go on to the next round.;249;