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    Broken Things

    Mission One: Normal "Times of transition are strenuous, but I love them. They are an opportunity to purge, rethink priorities, and be intentional about new habits. We can make our new normal any way we want." -Kristin Armstrong * Normal 1.1: Silver and Lead The room is cold and clean and...
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    Ultra Fan Fic OU Survey

    Hi, A few months ago I ran a survey to get hard data on what pokemon were the most common in fan fiction. But that survey had limits. Notably, I had to compile every single entry by hand. I also rejected entries with fewer than six pokemon input (which was almost half of them) and there was a...
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    The Alola Pokedex

    Hi! This is a guidebook to every species in the USUM pokedex, as would be useful to a young trainer on an island quest. Everything in here is canon in guidance, my alola journey fic. A few convention notes to begin with: -The evolutionary line as a whole is referred to as the most evolved...
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    guidance (teen)

    prologue: thawing They’re talking about you again. You don’t understand many of the words, but you know the tone. Talking more in breath than sound, trying to sound quieter than they really are. The same mock concern they take on the moment they turn away from your table, like they aren’t...
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    Common Pokemon Survey

    I'm trying to make an OU tier for pokemon use in fan fiction. You can submit the form once per story you're writing or have written. I'll post some data and graphics and lists when it's done in ~two weeks. If you have any questions, please ask. https://goo.gl/forms/008SL1ZMjepue9PS2
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    The Ninth Lord

    PG-13 overall. Deals with transgender issues, in part. Set in a Roman Empire expy so deliberate values dissonance will be in full play. Synopsis: As the empire of Hoenn crumbles, it's would-be-heir travels the land to cure himself of a curse. The Master of Wind In the ancient days before the...
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    Synopsis: When the world careens towards destruction, Arceus brings together a revolutionary from the future, a sociopath from the edges of the universe, and the hero of another dimension to prevent the apocalypse. Content warnings: Some sexual content, but nothing explicit. Psychological...
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    Hard Reset

    I woke up in Pallet Town. The color of pure white beginnings. I was back again after defeating the Elite Four for the forty-eighth time. I had heard somewhere, I forget where, that on the fiftieth I would finally get to become Champion. Yes, the Champ himself. Not just a perpetual member of...
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    Age in Pokemon Fics

    Age in Pokemon Fan Fiction The majority of the games and anime focus upon ten year-old children scurrying around a province or small country filled with criminal elements with little to no supervision. Suspension-of-disbelief can be invoked, but the mileage of that may very with the audience...
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    The Flash Drive of Champions: Backgrounds

    Backgrounds This is a deconstruction-heavy set of stories involving teenagers in the Pokemon world. There will be standard trainer fic violence and some swearing. Some files and chapters will have their own warnings attached. Prologue: Four Stories The winter air rushed in and out of his...
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    System of Variables (Rated: R)

    PM list: GastlyMan Sepser catzeye KindrindraPart Zero: The Board "If you look up here, you'll see a few numbers written on the board." Oak paced across the length of his office continuously, never ceasing for any cause. The office was his actual home for most purposes, and he had been...
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    Legendary Pokemon

    Well, I wanted to see what you all thought about this. I've seen very adamant supporters for both "including legendaries makes things go downhill." and "including legendaries can make the fic better". The most common stance I have seen is that they can work, but it turns a fic into an all or...
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    Flames of Dawn -Rated R

    IF YOU REVIEW THIS FIC, I WILL REVIEW YOURS! Starting a PM list, if you want to be on it, feel free to post it here, or PM/VM me. PM List: Hey, this is my story, and the reason that I finally joined after a year of lurking/being active on other forums. First, I want to clarify a few thingsy...