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  1. Z

    Gamecube Disc on Wii for not working.

    I have tried to test each gamecube disc on Wii. The screen said" Nintendo Gamecube disc can't be read. Please, read the instruction booklet" when I played for a few mins. My discs don't have any scratch and dirty. My SSBM has a few scratches on it. What should I do with them? Should I call...
  2. Z

    Deviantart Account

    I always want to be a Deviantart member ,so I click on "Join" It appears "Banned" How can I get an account? My friends doesn't have been there.
  3. Z

    Disgaea DS problem

    I have problems about Priere and Cave Of Ordeals(Demon Mirrorhall 2) My party are between 720 and 490. I have kept leveling up my party for Cave Of Ordeals 3. It took me 7 or more hours. Priere's lv is 2,000! How do I beat her? I want Arcadia. But Gamefaq said, "you can't steal Arcadia from...
  4. Z

    ~Zero-Wolf's Gallery~

    Hello, I'm Zero-Wolf. I'm a graphic designer as a career. I decide to show my Banners, Icons, Wallpapers, and etc...And they are a bit different than original unique. Rule: *Follow the SPPF Rule* *Don't say anything such as "you are not good" or "Suck"* *If you want to get one of my...
  5. Z

    I am really shy and new.

    I'm here to join Serebii Forum.